4th of July PartyJuly 4th is just a couple of weeks away, and you can already feel the buzz in the air about what everyone is going to be doing for it. Three day weekends are the best excuses to binge party and rage nonstop, and there are quite a few of them throughout the year, thanks to the many holidays that this great country has. Christmas, New Years, Memorial Day, Martin Luther King Jr Day, Labor Day, etc. The list goes on and on. While all of these holidays have their perks, and some may argue their greatness, all of them pale in comparison to the greatest holiday there is, July 4th. We are here to tell you the three reasons that July 4th blows all of the other holidays out of the water.

Summer holidays are the best

Holidays during any season are great, because they are still a cause to celebrate, and have an extra day off from school or work. Knowing this, we can all agree that a holiday during the summer season beats anything else. Three day weekends in the summer are a gift from god. The chance to slam beers at the beach, catch some sun, and wear as little clothing as possibly while celebrating a great day. Whether you are taking a boat out, sitting by the pool, or having a day raging party, summer holidays are the balls. July 4th falling in the dead middle of summer is no mistake, and it is the perfect midway point during the summer to party. You can plan ahead all summer, and when the weekend is over, you still have a solid two months left of summer to look forward to.

Celebrating the best country in the world

4th of July PartyEven if you’ve done a lot of traveling or studied abroad at some point, there is no denying the Ol U S of A is the greatest country on this planet of ours. How better to acknowledge that than to celebrate our independence, and rage while doing so? Nothing screams America like throwing on your red, white, and blue attire, hanging in the sun, grilling out, and slaughtering some brewskis with your family and friends. Living for our freedom and patriotism, there is something about the week leading up to July 4th that just gets the bones tingling. The cities and towns get all done up in anticipation, and it’s a day that everyone can celebrate together because it has nothing to do with religion or race. We are all Americans, so overeat and rage like it!

EVERYONE goes hard for it

4th of July PartyAs mentioned above, July 4th is a holiday everyone can get into, and does. There is no discrimination here, as everyone is American on this day, so we all can get after it. We all pretend to be Irish for St. Patrick’s Day, and rage hard, so you just know on a day that actually celebrates our own heritage, beers will be flowing and the patriotism high on every level. If you aren’t crushing American beers, chugging steaks, burgers, and dogs, and rocking some form of red and white and blue, then you must be thinking of a different holiday. July 4th is the greatest holiday there is, and if you disagree, than you can move to Canada.