House parties are great. There is no denying the fact that being able to sit on a couch, while drinking any beverage of choice is a great option when it comes to partying. The drinking games, the leeway with age limits, and stereo music makes it all the better. How could any house party be complete without a keg, and of course the red solo cups that serve as the perfect drinking receptacle? Sure, knowing why people drink beer at parties is a given, to rage with friends and do things mere soberness would never allow. Something many people don’t really think about though, is how the red solo cup came about. Why is it that we as drinking enthusiasts insist on using this plastic staple of a house party? You rarely see house parties with much different, besides maybe the occasional blue solo cup. The mystery is solved here on how the red solo cup became synonymous with drinking.

originalBack in the 1920’s and 30’s, dixie cups just weren’t cutting it anymore with the drinking crowd. If you have ever drank out of one, you can agree they are terrible. They crumble, erode, and basically dissolve in your hand if you don’t pound the drink like you haven’t seen liquid in 2 weeks. This is where the Solo Cup Co. came in and decided to change the game forever. This company chose plastic, because of the sturdiness and ability to retain liquid. Also, red was originally chosen because it is a neutral color that men and women can both relate to. Starting in the 1970’s this cup really took off at parties. Because you cannot see through it as well, it was chosen so outsiders could not clearly see that alcohol was being downed. This worked out great for those underage revelers.

pieThe red solo cup is more than just sturdy though. Time and time again a compelling reason to purchase these cylinders of liquid gold is because they hold more liquid than their competitors. It is common to find a cup that holds 16 ounces. The Solo Cup would not be outdone though, and came back and stomped the competition with 2 more full ounces of capability. That’s right, 18 ounces to down at your leisure. Along with these great assets, people continued to choose this because of the name it represented. That you were there to party, and party you shall. You have the famed Solo Cup at your party, that can only mean one thing. You are an experienced party goer. This branding has helped the Solo Cup Co. and people just stuck to the red.

A red Solo cup is seen in an undated handout photoThe blue version they sell is a distant second in sales. With the media using the red Solo Cup in frat movies, drinking commercials, and advertisements, it has only help boost the need for this at your next drinking event such as a barbecue or beer pong tournament. It is so popular in fact, that celebrities such as Toby Keith make hit songs about it, without even having to be paid for it. The red Solo Cup has gone through some changes over the recent years. Now with indented side grips and square bottoms, sales continue to rise, as these adaptations help the sloppiest of sloptart drinkers grip their container of beer filled goodness that much easier. The red Solo Cup is not going anywhere, as it is ingrained in the subconscious of every true party animal’s brain.