So you want to get out of town? Are you tired of the same old thing your city offers? Are you broke? If you answered yes to any of these questions, we have your problems solved. Some people think its impossible to get away on a budget. They’re just wrong. If you plan the right way, not only will you be able to find cheap flights for your trip, you’ll also have money in the bank when you return back to the “real” world. Whether you plan on flying, driving, or riding a train, you can save money all around.

During vacation season, many airlines ask for your entire life savings to purchase a ticket. However, there are some airlines that give away cheap flights. Your seats will by no means be first class quality, but at least you’ll arrive safely. If you’re leaving the nest for vacation, several airlines that are known for cheap flights are Spirit, jetBlue, Continental Airlines and Aero Mexico. The trick to finding an affordable flight is to either book way in advance or at the very last minute. If you book several months prior, the airline may already have started flight deals. Booking last minute allows you to grab a seat the airline is trying to fill. If you’ve ever flown before, you’ve noticed empty seats. Passengers that book last minute can grab those seats for cheaper than you paid.  Also, make sure to be flexible with your times and book on weekdays. Weekends are more expensive.

Hit the Road Jack

If you aren’t looking for cheap flights, carpooling may be the answer.  Load up the car with you’re closest friends and hit the road. Traveling by car can sometimes be expensive with escalating gas prices, but you can split the cost of gas on your way there and back. I wouldn’t recommend driving across the country if you’re trying to save money but no matter your destination, traveling with a car full of your friends is better than a plane full of strangers.

Chuga-chuga to Your Vacation Chug-a-lug

If you’re considering cheap flights or thinking about carpooling, you might want to consider traveling by train as an alternative. Amtrak travels across the entire country. Most of their round trip tickets are under $300 and you have all the basic amenities you’d have available on a plane. Traveling by train may take a little longer than flying, but it’s a relaxing experience. Just sit back, watch the scenery, and ride.

The Biznus

Greyhound bus and other charter buses are still around for travelers. If you don’t want to drive yourself and don’t mind being surrounded by people you don’t know (or don’t mind getting to know) this is the means for you. You’ll meet new friends, and see new places. Tickets are relatively cheap even for cross country ventures. You don’t have to pay extra for heavy baggage and you won’t  get (practically) strip-searched trying to get on a bus. Top charters to check out are Greyhound, Trailway, Megabus, and Bolt Bus.

Whether you’re purchasing cheap flights, bus or train tickets, any of these options can guarantee you won’t break the bank trying to get away. So, if you really want to get out, there’s a way. Au revoir!