HangoverHangovers suck. There are no if’s, ands’, or but’s about it. As bad as they suck, they are a necessary evil though. Think about it, if we didn’t have the consequence of a hangover from drinking, then we would be drinking every night. The hangover is really what keeps up from raging non-stop, because you can’t function in everyday life with a massive hangover. Between Spring Break and the glorious drinking days of the weekends make sure you control that hangover. Here’s five ways to keep it in check:


sexSex is great no matter what. It’s like pizza, even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good. Now when you have a hangover, the last thing you feel like doing is moving. In order to kick this hangover though, some effort somewhere needs to be had. This is where sex comes in. If you are going to have to move, might as well get a nice smash out of it. If you’re lucky, the other person will get on top and do all the work as well. Sex helps get rid of the headaches, and can help you fall back asleep afterwards.

More alcohol

Hair of the dog, right?! You have heard this one before, and it can definitely help. The last thing you might want to do when you have a massive hangover is continue to drink, but it will help you out. Sure, it may be true that drinking more is not exactly eliminating your hangover so much as just delaying it until later, but at this point who cares? Slam a few mimosas at breakfast, or finish that half full beer sitting on your beer pong table. If you end up drunk 4 hours later from the continuous party that you just started, don’t blame us.

Greasy food

greasy foodEven if your stomach is turning over from the 5 too many tequila shots you had last night, food will help a bit. More so, a big pile of greasy food will help. Once you swallow down a fat breakfast burrito, or grease soaked burger, you can practically feel the food just sponging up the alcohol littering your stomach. Even though it may hurt going down, this food will help settle your stomach overall.


This one does work, but it is boring as sin. Pounding water will help flush out your system and allow you to pee out any toxins you may have. Water will help your headache, and replenish the dehydrated body you feel. If you really want to help your hangover, chug water until you feel like you’re about to puke. It may be uncomfortable at the time, but it will help you in the long run.

Sweat it out

Another way to get out those booze filled toxins from your body is to sweat it out. Whether this is from hitting the gym, sitting in the sun, having rigorous sex, or hopping in the sauna, just sweat. You may not want to do physical exercise with your head feeling like a brick of cement, and your stomach feeling like two cats trapped in a bag, but it’ll be worth it. Sweating out the night before is glorious, and can make you feel good as new after taking a refreshing shower as well.