May 5th is a glorious day for many party animals across the country, and the globe. Cinco de Mayo, or also known as Cinco de Drinko, is coming up soon, and you need to start planning now. Busting out your cheap tequila, sombreros, and terrible fake mustaches is one surefire way to get you amped up to be blackout drunk by noon. The next step is going to be to know where to party your face off. These cities take the party to the next level, so be sure to knock them off your bucket list:

Phoenix, AZ is well known for its Mexican influence and the Phoenix area is home to city-wide Cinco de Mayo celebrations of fun, food, music and dancing. Downtown Phoenix has a fiesta with hundreds of booths you can stumble through while your buzzing. Also, the biggest party school in all the land, ASU, is here and they sure as heck know how to throw down on Cinco de Drinko. The hot weather only adds to the amazing mix, with many celebrating at pool parties in their smallest attire. Oh, there is also an annual Chihuahua race you need to check out.

San Diego, CA

San Diego has been celebrating Cinco de Mayo for over 25 years and throws a popular two-day Fiesta Cinco de Mayo in the city’s Old Town. What is better than celebrating a drinking day on a beach in southern California? Not much, that’s for sure. Plenty of the bars go all out, and the restaurants throughout the 22-block historic area provide all kinds of tempting food to soak up the booze and that Mexican food craving you will inevitably get.

Los Angeles, CA only makes sense that one of the biggest cities in the country, filled with a large Mexican population, can throw down for Cinco de Mayo. Los Angeles hosts one of the largest Cinco de Mayo celebrations in the country with a multi-day festival known as Fiesta Broadway. With all the glitz and glamor of LA, you are sure to see quite a few lavish parties. Who doesn’t want to party with the best of them around the hills of Beverly?

San Antonio, TX

Texas has a sizable Mexican-American population, and San Antonio’s bars and restaurants make a mean margarita, so if you’re looking for an authentic Cinco experience, look no further. Everything is bigger in Texas they say, so you can only imagine the size of the cervezas and parties that they are serving up. Plus, it doesn’t get much better than Tex-Mex food, so get your gut ready to hammer down some delicious eats. San Antonio has parties all over the city, you literally can’t be here for Cinco de Drinko and not have a good time. It’s a fact that it’s impossible. Look it up.