With Spring Break being two months away, now is the time to really start preparing your mind and body for the best week of your life. You’ve been imagining this fantasy land all year, and now it is within reach. The last two months may seem like they take forever, but you’ll be surprised at how quickly they actually come up. You don’t want to be left behind when it comes to preparing, so make sure you get ready for the best Spring Break yet, with these 5 tips.

Spring Break 2016

Save extra dough

Even if your entire week is already paid for, including flights, because you were a smart one, it still makes sense to save some extra money. For one, the last thing you want is to come back from Spring Break with absolutely no money in your bank account. Having a stash set aside for when you come back will allow you to not be broke as a joke, because you didn’t allow yourself to have that extra Chipotle bowl. Another good reason to save some extra money of the next 60 days is to help out for unexpected expenses during your trip. An extra ride on the jet ski or that ill-advised Spring Break tattoo is going to cost money.

Stay out of trouble

Nothing can ruin an amazing week in the sun like getting in trouble before the week comes. Whether it is academically, or with the law, make sure you do nothing to prevent you from hitting this binge of a week. Maybe tone down the obnoxious parties just a bit, and make sure all of your exams and papers go smoothly. It’s only 60 days, and believe us it’s worth it. The last thing you want is to have to cancel your trip and be sitting at home while your friends are raging because you were an idiot.

Kick the workout into overdrive

Spring Break 2016

Hopefully you’ve been hitting the gym pretty regularly anyways in order to prep your body into beach material, but these last 60 days are crucial. You’ve probably noticed the campus gym has gotten pretty busy recently. Sure, some of it is from New Year’s resolutions, but a lot is to prepare for Spring Break. Keep your same routine up, as it’s been working for you, just toss in some extra cardio and maybe an extra day a week. If you haven’t been working out at all, no worries. 60 days isn’t going to get you looking like Zeus, but if you start today you can definitely see some changes by the time you hit the airport.

Make sure friend’s final payments are in

Nobody likes to play babysitter or mom, but nobody likes to go on Spring Break alone because their friends didn’t get those last payments in. Get on your friends about paying up, because they WILL get left behind. You may be the annoying friend now, but they will be buying your rounds of tequila shots once you guys are down there because you are the reason they actually went through with it.

Prep your liver

It’s Spring Break. You are going to drink. A lot. Make sure your body can handle it by having a few back to back binges. You don’t want to be the guy with the massive hangover all week that doesn’t allow you to do anything. You need to prep your body to be able to handle the copious amounts of alcohol that will be entering it 24/7.