Spring Break Drinking

Do-Drink plenty of water

Yes we know this is Spring Break 2016. Yes we know the diet seemingly consists of beers, shots, and random sex. But don’t be stupid. Make sure you pound a few waters throughout the day. It will help you rally through that midday drunk fest. When you take a nap after the day drinking, make sure you slam a few waters before starting the night out. Before you go to sleep at night and right when you wake up in the morning are other prime times to be filling your body with H2O. This will help with your hangover, as well as hydrate you thoroughly.

Don’t-Chug straight liquor

Everyone wants to be the big guy on Spring Break, and prove they can drink the most. Don’t be dumb and chug straight liquor, especially early in the day. Yes you may have a blast for about an hour, then you will be so hammered you’ll have to stumble back to the room to pass out by noon. Talk about missing half the fun and the potential hookups by the pool because you decided getting slaughtered off liquor at 10am was a good idea. Also, avoid it at the club at night, nobody wants to go home with the guy getting carried out of the bar.

Do-Throw a beer in

Shots are a blast. Those frozen drinks are tasty. Mixed drinks get the blood flowing. But you’re going to need to toss a beer into the rotation at times. Not only will it have less alcohol so you can make it through the day without dying, they are MUCH cheaper if you aren’t staying in an all-inclusive resort or if you’re at the bar. A beer mixed in here and there will also help mix it up with your body, so you don’t get fatigued from all the liquor.

Don’t-Stick to frozen drinks

Frozen drinks are delicious, and when you’re in a tropical paradise on Spring Break, they only seem natural to be downing left and right. Keep in mind though, not only are frozen drinks costly, but they are also loaded with sugar. Talk about the worst hangover imaginable. If you spend all day and night pounding these, you’re sure to ruin the following day with the worst headache you’ve ever had. They are tempting, so absolutely throttle a few, but make sure you mix it up enough that it’s not the only thing you’re drinking.

Do-Body shots

Spring Break DrinkingIt’s Spring Break 2016. If you’re not ripping a few body shots, then you’re doing it wrong. Most people are going to be down to join in, so make sure you bust the bottle out. You want these memories after Spring Break, and body shots are a good start. Not to mention that it’s a great conversation starter, and a great way to make some new friends for the week.

Don’t-Rip shots all morning

Shots, body shots, and liquor in general is a great thing to get the party started. We aren’t saying to not rip a few shots, just don’t make it the sole focus of your morning. You’ll end up way too hammered before you know it, and that can quickly ruin your morning. This goes along with chugging straight liquor. Maybe rip a shot or two in the hotel room to start the morning out while pregaming, a little hair of the dog if you will.