Spring Break is in full effect, and there is no reason not to enjoy it to the fullest. With all the great things that come out of Spring Break, like partying for a week with your best friends in the sun and beautiful bodies, there are things that might not go as according to plan. Although some things are unavoidable, you should definitely try your best to avoid these three things from happening and ruining your Spring Break.

Lose your passport

https://theogsb.com/Many Spring Break destinations involve a country outside of the US. If you travel to a spot inside the US, than you do not have to worry. If you happen to hit one of those destinations outside the US though, you will need a passport. Just as you need a passport to leave the country and enter a new one, you will certainly need it to come back. Now, if you happen to lose it while on Spring Break, it becomes a huge hassle. You will not be allowed back into the country, and you will have to extend your stay until a new one can come in, which can take quite a bit. You are going to be hammered on Spring Break, and there is no reason to be carrying your passport around with you and risk losing it. As soon as you get to your hotel room, put it in a safe spot such as a safe in the room, and literally don’t touch it until you leave. The last thing you want is to wake up hungover on the day you’re supposed to head home, and realize that it’s gone.

Get Arrested

Getting arrested is definitely something you don’t want to happen, no matter where you are, but especially on Spring Break. You spent a good chunk of change for this vacation, and ending up in the slammer really puts a damper on it because you only have limited valuable time to throttle beers and hookup. No matter what you are arrested for, you don’t want to waste time in jail. Also, if you are in a country not named the United States of America, the chances the jail being a friendly place are slim to none. Who wants to end up in a Mexican prison? Exactly. You are going to do dumb things on Spring Break, and that’s fine. Just make sure they aren’t too dumb, or that you don’t get caught. Jail is not the fun, crazy story of how you spent your time on Spring Break your friends want to hear when you come home.

Get Sick

https://theogsb.com/This one may be unavoidable in certain circumstances, but there are definitely ways you help to prevent it from happening. Getting sick sucks, and spending your one Spring Break with your caboose firmly planted on the can, or not being able to move from the bed is not how you want to spend the week. If you are in a foreign country, avoid drinking any water that is not directly from an unopened bottle (including ice), eat foods you know your stomach will agree with, and take in enough water to keep you hydrated. Also, too much sun exposure when you’re not used to it can cause you to be sick. Take care of your body so you can rage all week with your friends, not sit in the hotel room miserable.