Adjusting to real life after a week of debauchery that is Spring Break is brutal. There is no denying that. Whether it is going to class, work, or just laying around on your bed, you are going to feel a bit down while you try to fathom why you must be stuck in the cold, damp, reality that goes on the other 51 weeks a year. Not all is bad though, and doing these 3 things after you get back from Spring Break can make the transition that much easier.

Keep the party going

Just because you’re back from Spring Break, doesn’t mean you need to sit in your room and get depressed that you can no longer drink 24/7 in your bathing suit and have it be acceptable. Sure, you may not have anymore 3,000 person ragers on the beach, but you can certainly keep the party going. Plan a big party for the first weekend back, and everyone can spend the night getting hammered and swapping Spring Break tales. It will help you feel a bit like you’re still worthy of partying. Plus, you will all still be tan so it feels more authentic. Plus, when you get back from Spring Break, the weather is starting to get better, and there aren’t many times better during the year to drink than in the spring, outside, during the day. Skirt season is here boys, embrace it and give a cheers, and slam some beers.

Summer is only a month and a half away, it sucks that the hot weather is gone, but on the bright side you are that much closer to summer. With only a month and a half to go, you can start planning your summer beach trips to recreate the insane beach boozing you just went through. As the weather warms, the excitement builds. Once classes are over, you have 3 and a half months to pack in as many unforgivable activities as possible, all while sitting in the sun. Plus, summer concerts are always happening, and these make those summer nights heat up even more.

Start planning for next year

It is never too early to plan for Spring Break. Some people decide in their freshman year, where they want to go their senior year, and that is perfectly acceptable. Plus, if you just wrapped up Spring Break, you KNOW it is not something that you will miss next year. It doesn’t matter if you’re graduating in May, you can still go next year. Be honest, you met more than enough people on Spring Break that weren’t even in college. You undoubtedly made mistakes in planning this year’s Spring Break, so learn from that and start planning for next year. Not saying you have to book right now, but while the excitement is still hot from the best week of your life, start talking to your friends to get some ideas for next year!