It is expected that before you head out on Spring Break, your parents or anyone else will tell you, “Be Safe”. That definitely goes in one ear and out the other. Hundreds of thousands of people go on Spring Break every year, and just about all of them come back fine, so it won’t happen to you. While this may be true, do you really want to take the chance of that small percentage being you? You can still have the most unreal week of your life and make sure you come home in one piece by sticking to the last few safety tips:

Stick together

This is especially true if you are traveling to a not-too-safe country. Most people think something will never happen to them, but you are going to be drunk, and drunk tourists are easy targets for crime. Just because you are in a group doesn’t mean something bad can’t happen, but it is much less likely. Don’t stay behind at the club after your friends leave, and if you are walking to your hotel room during the day from the beach party, make a friend go with you. Guy or girl, just be smart.

Drink bottled water’s be honest, you are not going on Spring Break for the cleanliness of the country or hotels. You are going because it is a cheap tropical vacation where you can get hammered with others. You are going to need water to stay hydrated, but avoid non-bottled water. It is usually not as clean as the water you are used to, and if your body is not prepared for it you can easily spend half of your week on the toilet turning your insides out. There should be plenty of bottled water around, so seek it out, it’s worth it.

Don’t take drugs

Yes, drugs may make that concert a bit crazier, and it seems like everyone is doing it. If you are in a foreign area though, you literally have no idea what you are getting unless you know the person specifically. Believe it or not, some scumbags out there are out to get you, and ruin your week. You don’t want to end up in the hospital, in a dangerous situation, or worse. Just stick to putting a beat down on the alcohol and you will absolutely have a good time. You can go a week without the extra activities, and still have the best week of your life.

Avoid the ocean while hammered ocean is relentless, and doesn’t care who you are. Some oceans are a lot stronger than what you are used to, especially in Mexico. Be aware of this, as even if you are sober, if you are not a strong swimmer or are not smart you can get caught up in it. Add in 8 rum and cokes and you are going to be helpless once you get deeper than your waist. There are usually lifeguards near the major resorts, but with literally thousands of Spring Breakers filling the beach, the chances they get to you in time are lessened.

Be safe while smashing may seem like common sense, but bring protection if you have any plans of hooking up. You have no idea where the other person has been, or who they have been in, or who has been in them. You don’t want to wake up in the morning and feel like you are peeing out tabasco sauce, surefire way to ruin your week (pun intended). So before you get your drunken hulk smash on, bag it up to avoid any Spring Break extra gifts.