How to throw a pool partyPool party season is upon us, and a glorious one it will be at that. Between the alcohol, the water, and the bikinis, you really can’t go wrong. To make your pool party legendary, and make sure everyone is raging to the best of their abilities, make sure you follow these tips:

Good Pool Scenery

Nobody wants to go to a pool party that is literally just a hole in the ground filled with water. Make sure your pool has some good scenery. Whether it is a deck, some green plants, a fountain, a cabana, anything to spruce it up. It makes the entire party that much more enthused to be there. Plus, you won’t have to worry about people not attending because your pool is ugly.

Great Speakers

Every good party, no matter where it is, involves music. No different for a pool party. You want some loud speakers because you will be outside. Also, having daytime drinking music with the perfect summer beat gets people in the mood to throttle drinks. Whether it is some Bob Marley, country music, or whatever your group likes, make sure it is music you can pound to. Make sure someone reliable is in charge of the music to keep it going.

Beautiful girls

Hot Pool Party GirlsThis is a pool party, which means people will be in bathing suits. Having a few wildebeests attend is okay, but the majority of the girls should have the looks and bikini body that make the guys need to spend a couple extra minutes in the cold end of the pool. Smokeshows in bikinis paired with alcohol make any pool party that much more fun, and will draw the crowd.

Warning the neighbors

This is important. The last thing you want is an hour and a half into your day rager, a neighbor coming over in their sweaty jeans and complaining and telling you to kick everyone out or quiet down. If you live in an apartment complex, hit up the neighbors that live around the pool area beforehand if you think they might have an issue, just to give them a heads up so they can prepare. If its your house pool, if any neighbors are within close earshot, do the same. you need this party to be banging all day.

Grilling Food and Snacks

Grill FoodWhen you party, you get hungry. A pool bash is usually a longer party, and the alcohol will only make the hunger strike harder. Since you are by a pool, make sure you have a grill, and plenty of meat to toss on that grill. Keep it simple with burgers, dogs, and chicken, and ask the people coming over to bring something, since they will be the ones destroying the food. Also, chips. Can never have enough chips at a pool party. These things disappear faster than a guy hearing his girl tell him she loves him for the first time. Make sure you have plenty, nothing better than snacks at a pool party.

Plenty of Chairs and Shade

People aren’t going to want to stand the whole time. Since it’s not a party at night in a house, there aren’t going to be couches. People will literally sit on anything, especially when drunk. So whether there are pool chairs, coolers, benches, lawn chairs, or stools, make sure you have places for people to sit. Also, since there are more than enough gingers that will fry up at even the thought of sun, make sure there is plenty of shade and umbrellas. Why these see-through people choose to attend pool parties is beyond me, but they do. Nobody wants to have third degree burns 2 hours into a pool party. It is gross to look at, and annoying to hear about when people complain that their skin is bubbling.


Pool party AlcoholThis, without a doubt, is the most important aspect. You can forget everything else, if you have the booze, your pool party will still rock. You get hungry? Drink more booze. Girls aren’t hot enough? Slam a few shots. No chairs to pass out on? Chug some beer and pass out on the ground. Alcohol makes pool parties more fun,  gets it a bit crazier, and lowers inhibitions, which can only be a good thing when you have a bunch of hot girls in bikinis.