Thanks to Maxim, here are the top cities in America to get your party on!

Number 3: Atlanta


Rounding out the top 3, is Atlanta. Not normally thought of as a hotbed for partying, the over 55,000 undergrads and 91 24-hour restaurants contribute to the high spot on this list.  The capital of the dirty south hangs onto a top 3 finish, and should certainly be checked out if a much needed party is in order.

Number 2: Los Angeles


Coming in at number 2 behind the top spot, is Los Angeles. The City of Angels comes in at number two because of the 60 modeling agencies and the 38 strip clubs to keep your party going. It doesn’t hurt to have thousands of coeds roaming the city always looking to party. There is a hotspot for every kind of party in the SOCAL city of L.A., and drinks are abundantly available.

Number 1: Miami


Finishing off in the top spot as the best city to party in America is Miami. Bars rarely close, the divorcee rate is at 13.2 percent and with 49 modeling agencies, this city of beautiful makes it easy to see why it is holding down the top spot. Dancing and smoking are accepted here, and with the warmer weather, comes a hotter nightlife.