Extra flip flops

It seems it doesn’t really matter how many pairs of sandals or flip flops you pack, you will always run out. Between them breaking, you forgetting where you left them on the beach because you’re so hammered, and people straight up stealing them because they think it’s funny, you’re bound to lose a few. There is not much worse than losing your only pair of flip flops on the second day of Spring Break, only to proceed to burn your feet on the hot pavement, stub your toe, and step on broken glass at some point. Save your feet the trouble, and buy an extra couple cheap pairs as backups before you leave. They don’t take up much space in your suitcase, and it will save you dough from having to get them at the hotel gift shop.


Spring Break CondomThis is a pretty one easy here. Spring Break 2016 is all about partying, meeting people, and bumping uglies with randoms. What happens on Spring Break, generally stays there. Producing children and STDs will come back with you. Sure, having sex with condoms sucks significantly more than without them, but they are worth the trouble. Not saying to throw 30 of them into your suitcase because let’s be serious, but a quick trip to the convenience store should do the trick before you leave.

Mini speakers

Throughout Spring Break 2016, there will be plenty of music, loud speakers, and DJs blasting the hottest music to keep the party going seemingly 24/7. The only place there won’t be consistent music? In your hotel room. Pre-gaming and getting dressed for the day or night to party without music is just lame. Music gets the mood going, and draws other people to your room. It’s a perfect way to make friends right off the bat, as your room will be the spot to head to to rage. Not to mention when you slam booze all day, and take a nap before going out at night, it is near impossible to rally for the night’s party without a bit of pick me up music. Computer speakers work fine, because you can just plug in your phone and rock out.


Even if you are staying at an all-inclusive resort where the booze flows freely, chances are you’re going to head to a bar or nightclub where it does not. This is the perfect chance to take those tiny little bottles of booze out with you to save some mula on drinks. 3 a night should be more than enough. Fill them with whiskey and order a whiskey coke at the bar. Drink half of it, pull out a nip, re-fill. There you go, two drinks for the price of one. Also, most resorts refrain from handing out shots included with the all-inclusive wrist bands. Let’s be honest, Spring Break 2016 isn’t going to reach it’s full potential unless you can rip a few shots, including body shots. This clears that issue right up.

Good attitude

Spring BreakMost important thing to pack with you right here. Spring Break is all about having the time of your life, and nobody wants to be around the person with the bad attitude. No need for fighting, being grumpy, and being a Debbie Downer. Leave that stuff in your dorm room, because it’s not allowed here in the tropical paradise that is Spring Break 2016. Put on your drinking shoes and happy pants, because this is a time to be whoever the heck you want for a week, so make other Spring Breakers go back to their school saying, “Remember that awesome dude we met that was the life of the party?!..” Be the guy everyone wants to rage with, not the guy bringing down the mood and life of the party because you couldn’t hang.