Milwaukee, WI

MilwaukeePeople think of Wisconsin as a pretty boring place in general. This can be pretty true, until you head to Milwaukee. This city reminds you a bit of Chicago with a downtown that is set on a river and lake, people passionate about their football teams, and an insane love for beer. Summerfest is a perfect time to head here as it is a 2 weekend music festival that is ridiculously cheap and gets slammed all weekend long with people looking to party. Bars don’t close until 2:30 AM on the weekends, which makes for a drunken oblivion of a great time.

Savannah, GA

When people think of cities to hit in Georgia, Atlanta usually comes to mind first. Well, think again. Savannah is set on the river between South Carolina and Georgia. Oh, we also need to mention the Historic District is one of only eight places in the U.S. that has an open container law, so booze in public my friends. In case you need any more convincing, bars don’t close until 3 AM, they have a 24-hour McDonalds with a walk upĀ  window, and their St. Patrick’s Day is said to be the second biggest party in the country behind Chicago.

Dillon, CO

We had to throw a ski town in here. Anyone that has hit a ski town during the winter months knows the kind of party that goes on, and Dillon is no different. Set between Breckenridge and Keystone, this place packs ski bums and party animals alike in the winter. The bars get packed here after a day of hitting the slopes, and even if you don’t ski or board, you will fit right in. Not much is better in the winter than a weekend in the mountains crushing brewery beer, and Dillon has that for you. The rich people might stick to Vail or Aspen, but let’s face it, you don’t want to be slamming drinks next to scarves all weekend.

Charleston, SC

Charleston PartyBeach babes galore. No seriously. Charleston is said to be a ratio of 70:30 females to males. Set right on a southern beach with nice weather and add in the College of Charleston, you have a recipe for fun, tanned women everywhere you turn. The bars close at 2 AM, and these bars are slammed until closing time. This is a friendly city that gives off that beach party vibe, and once again, you really can’t beat that ratio if you’re looking for some fun. The Charleston Wine & Food Festival is the biggest weekend of the year that is just one weekend long party in the downtown area.

Portland, OR

When people think of Portland they might think of granola and women making dresses out of wheat, but think again. Portland is up and coming fast with an awesome live music scene and actually has the biggest number of craft breweries in the country. The downtown surrounding the river makes for a great day of getting hammered and stumbling around from bar to bar. Throw in the fully nude strip clubs, bars closing at 2:30 AM and a young, active demographic, and you have the recipe for in shape party people.

Columbus, OH

Columbus NightlifeWhen you are the largest city in a state, AND boast THE Ohio State University, put your party pants on. This school is known nationwide for the epic parties and intense football fans. There is nowhere close to a shortage of bars to choose from either, and the fact that they don’t close until 2:30 AM shows they like to keep the party going. Head to Columbus during the Buckeyes homecoming, and prepare your body for an insane weekend of beer and ruckus.