The end of March is just about here, and thus starts to conclude the end of yet another amazing Spring Break season. To the few that are still out there partying, or that may have their week still coming up, god bless you, we are all jealous. Now that the post Spring Break blues are starting to set in, it is time to takeaway a few lessons learned from Spring Break, that will only help you ease back into real life.

Don’t friend that girl on Facebook you met a girl on Spring Break who blew your mind. Whether it was for a night after the club, or one you hung out with consistently throughout the week at your hotel. Whatever you do, know it was just a Spring Break fling. Realistically, why would you friend her? So you can see her social media updates for the next 3 years, and after a while when her name pops up, forget how you even know her? Spring Break is a time to hook up with random girls and do things that you would never do in your real life, so don’t waste time bringing a Spring Break memory into your real life. Leave it at what it was, an awesome memory of that time you bagged a smokeshow from a school across the country. Plus, seeing updates all the time will only depress you that you’re no longer on Spring Break.

Some stories should not be told

Now, some people have regular lives outside of Spring Break, and the unruly things we do on Spring Break, should be left at Spring Break. Whether it is your buddy who has a girlfriend that doesn’t need to know about the skinny dipping session you had with the Iowa State cheerleading team, or the story about how Steve got nearly kidnapped by a cab driver when you couldn’t pay your fare. Family and certain friends can be spared the gory details of what happens. Leave it to the fun partying with friends in the sun. You never know who may find out what you did on Spring Break, and how it can have an impact on your future. Some things are better left unsaid, and you and your friends can take those dirty secrets to the grave.

Learn from mistakes to make next year better is near impossible to have an entire Spring Break go off without an issue, and that’s completely understandable. Mistakes are a part of what make Spring Break the fun giant it is. Learn from them, and it will help you prepare for an even better year next year. Maybe you realize you didn’t need to spend extra money on the room, considering you spend almost no time in it. Slamming beers on the beach at 8am until you pass out at 11am for 3 hours on the beach in the burning sun with no sunblock on can probably be avoided next year.  Or that buying that extreme VIP party pass was not necessary because most people don’t get it, and you just want to party with them. Any little tidbits that you can remember from your blackout week in the sun will help.