Drunk Food

One of the best parts about getting stumbling drunk┬áis the food at the end of the night. Sure, drunken hookups are a great time, and telling crazy stories the next day with your friends is also fun, but you know what you can include with both of those? Getting drunk food. Drunk food is the holy grail of the night. The light at the end of the tunnel. If you don’t convince a 6 at the bar to go home with you, there is always drunk food. Didn’t eat dinner before you started drinking so you would get drunk easier? Drunk food at the end of the night is your savior. There are so many options for getting that greaseball food at the end of the night, so we have listed a few items that you certainly can’t go wrong with:


PizzaProbably the number one drunk food item of all time, pizza is a nonstop hit. With a variety of toppings, feeling that steaming grease filled cheese slide down your throat after tossing back 12 beers somehow is heavenly. Everyone is down with pizza, whether you get delivery, or stumble your way into the pie shop. Also, pizza is a cheap choice on the wallet after you bought too many rounds for the girls you won’t hook up with at the bar.


Crushing a burger or three is a great way to fill that hungry feeling when you’re plastered. Skip the authentic grill type of burger, and dive straight into the fast food options. Quick, cheap, and reliable as you know what you are getting into. Somehow when you’re hammered, these burgers make you shut out everything else in the world. You want to watch someone’s animalistic qualities come out, take them to McDonald’s when they are hammered at 3 am.


Drunk NachosNachos are great because you can sit at a table with 3 other people, and house a mountain of them and still not finish. If you get nachos at a restaurant, be prepared for every topping under the sun to be on them. This is a dense meal, and perfect for day drinking when you are trying to transition to the evening. Pounding down some nachos will settle your stomach and get you ready to start crushing some booze again.


French fries. The food you can shovel down your throat, fistful after fistful. Not many people will get sick of fries when they are drunk. Although usually coming as a side with pizza, a burger, or hot dogs, these can also be your main focus. Step up your game a bit by tossing some cheese, and even chili on top of them. Your drunken self with thank us. You’re welcome. Fries are the drunk food that you just keep eating, and not realizing how much you have even because you are so bombed. It’s glorious.


QuesadillaWhen you feel like switching it up from the usual, hit the quesadilla path. You can get just regular cheese or throw in some chicken or beef and let the night play itself out. Quesadillas are easy, and quick, which is the most important factor when you’re blasted. Toss a little sour cream and guac on the side and boom, you’re golden.

Mozzarella SticksMozzarella Sticks

These are simple and effective. The hot cheesy goodness of mozzarella sticks at the end of a drunken binge will take your mind off the fact you’re going home alone. Not to mention the fact you can easily throttle 15 mazzi sticks like you may never eat again.