Holiday TravelTraveling during the holidays is one of the most hectic times to travel throughout the year, and many people just simply refuse to do so. It is understandable, with the long lines everywhere, ridiculous prices, and the weather seemingly constantly backing up your plans. It isn’t exactly a joyous experience, and the entire time all you want to do is get to your destination so you can stop listening to the sniffling colds people have all around you. Plus, on top of it all, you might not even be that excited to get to your destination to see your weird uncle and the rest of your dysfunctional family. Although holiday travels can suck, there are ways to make it a bit less stressful.

Pack light

Holiday packingYou may be heading to a cold weather spot for the holidays, but be smart. The last thing you want to do is be lugging two 5olb suitcases around in the snow and freezing temperatures. Not to mention that in case you go over the airline limit for pounds per bag, it is only going to cause a bigger headache, and more money out of your pocket. Pack a bit lighter, and really plan out your days you will be gone. Think of what you will wear each day, and just bring one jacket to wear on the plane, and even use a sweatshirt as a pillow on the plane. Also, you probably don’t need your laptop, tablet, AND smartphone.

Travel on off days

Most people want to travel on the same days during the holidays, and that is a big reason why the prices become so high. Sure, because of work or school you may have to leave on a specific day, but try to finagle your way around it. Typically, traveling on Thanksgiving or Christmas day will be a bit cheaper than leaving a few days beforehand. Also, maybe extend your stay an extra day, you will find the prices are bit more reasonable. On top of just the prices, traveling on off days greatly reduces the crowds and craziness of the entire ordeal.

Plan food

hangryTraveling during the holidays is stressful, and this causes you to get angry. Add in you being hungry, and you become Hangry. This is a terrible combination for everyone involved. You snap over the smallest things, and are generally miserable to be around. Whether it is a long road trip or connecting flights, plan when you will eat, and bring snacks. Having your hunger consistently satisfied can do wonders for your mood, and will make the travel time go by a bit quicker, and much more pleasantly.

Ship presents

Holiday TravelDon’t be that person trying to pack a suitcase full of gifts, or taking forever at baggage drop off because you are checking presents. Save yourself the time, money, and hassle by shipping your presents. Sure, it costs a bit of money up front, but you will thank yourself down the road when you don’t have to deal with it at the airport or packing your car full of gifts.