Spring Break is a week long adventure of unreal fun, meeting people you will probably never see again and doing unheard of things you will probably never do again. That’s what makes it so exciting. No matter where you go for Spring Break, whether it be a tropical island somewhere, or just a beach on the coast of the U.S. there are going to be more than enough options on things to do. We are here to tell you some of the common ones to skip, and which ones to take advantage of to make the most out of your week.


Skip. Unless you are trying to stay sober the entire break, skip the tours. Save these for when you visit with your family, or maybe a significant other. Spring Break is a time for hot, drunken fun. Not for hot and sweaty tours sitting in the back of a non air-conditioned bus, swatting at flies while you are surrounded by a bunch of 50 something year olds. Pass on this offer and hit the pool bar.

Jet Skis:

Jet Skis on Spring BreakDo. Jet skiing is a blast, and it usually only takes up an hour out of your day. So even if you don’t want to miss out on other action, you can take a breather and hit the waves for a bit. It might be a bit pricey, but it is worth it. Try hitting it up in the morning before the crowds, and also before you get too obliterated to see the ocean. Be safe, and do something other than rage face for an hour.


Only if needed. Let’s be honest, you can shop anywhere, any time of year. Is that $10 key-chain that will snap after 3 days really needed? Unless your bathing suit got lost in some random’s hotel room, or your sunglasses got smashed from crushing a brewski off your forehead, skip the shopping until it is necessary.


spring break concertDo. Although this may be inevitable to even try to avoid, definitely hit up a concert or two. Undoubtedly, your hotel or close by will be having plenty of concerts, shows, and artists performing. Usually they are pretty cheap tickets, and the crowds are awesome. Plus, how many times can you pregame a show or concert on a beach, or in a pool bar with a few thousand other like-minded party animals?

Spend The Week With One Cutie:

Skip. Sure, he or she may be the 10 you have been looking for, and they may seem amazing, but there are so many more memories to be made. Sure, get the deed done early in the week, and use them as a backup option for when for some reason you can’t get lucky later in the week. Chances are they live across the country, so it isn’t going to work anyways. You would also be surprised at how many times they have a significant other at home too, and they are just looking for a one night thing. Wasting your entire week on one person is like putting a lot of effort into a girl at the bar when you are blackout. Not worth it. They say don’t bring sand to the beach, well definitely don’t take sand home with you. Like a hot shot salesman: go out and close as many deals as you possibly can throughout the week.


Cancun Day Parties OverviewDo. The most obvious activity, we won’t even talk to you like you don’t know what Spring Break is supposed to be all about. Hit as many pool bars, beach huts, foam parties, wet t-shirt contests, over-sized drinks, insane DJ concerts, and booty shaking contests you possibly can with your friends. You have one week, don’t be the one pretending to build schools in Chile. Get out there and party your Spring Break like it’s your first weekend of college times ten.