Nearly every country across the country has partying readily available, as this is a huge part of the college experience. If you want to rage, college is the place for it. Some colleges go harder than a virgin at a strip club, and those colleges are the ones that the legendary parties are at. We are going to give you 5 of the best college parties that happen every year across the country, and they just may make you want to transfer your school.

Palmer Fest-Ohio University:

palmer festThis might be the wildest party on this list, and that is saying something. Ohio University is consistently near the top of the list for party schools, and Palmer Fest is a huge reason why. Over 8,000 people gather in May to rage in the streets, and if it doesn’t get out of hand, it doesn’t count. Houses have caught on fire without people even noticing because they are raging so hard.



4/20 Smoke Out- University of Colorado Boulder:

smokeoutWhen you live in an area where weed can be smoked without hassle, you are bound to get a bunch of people together to celebrate on the biggest pot smoking day of the year. Over 12,000 people meet up on this day to smoke their favorite flavors, and don’t be surprised to see more than a fair share of people boozing alongside you. This is a huge party, and you feel like you are in a huge fog with how much smoke is being sparked. You probably don’t even have to smoke your own to get high as ever.


Mifflin Street Block Party- University of Wisconsin-Madison:

mifflinDuring finals week at the end of April and beginning of May, you better get ready to party your face off. This notorious block party on Mifflin Street draws over 20,000 people every year, and usually ends up on the news for how crazy it gets. The police try and stop it from happening every year, but let’s be serious. With one of the biggest block parties in the country being a yearly tradition, you are not going to stop this many college students from slamming beers in the streets and partying from sunrise till sunset. Expect to see some couches lit on fire, and a few topless individuals in all their glory.


Mirror Lake Jump- Ohio State University:

mirrorThe Ohio State/Michigan football game is one of the biggest rivalries in all of sports. Why wouldn’t there be a huge party to celebrate it? Every year before the big game usually in November, over 12,000 people gather to jump in Mirror Lake at night and party in it all night. It doesn’t matter how cold it is, throttle some beers and put on your beer coat because Ohio State fans can rage in any weather. It is quite a sight to see, and if you love partying for football, then this is the spot for you.




Frat Beach- University of Florida/University of Georgia:

frat beachAnother huge rivalry football game brings a huge party along with it. People dress up in costumes to party on the beach in the south before this big game in November. Two big southern schools combine to form an enormous beach party that is unlike any other. Picture the biggest frat party you can imagine, and this is what you get. Add in some southern smokeshows, warm weather and thousands of passionate fans and this is one of the best pregames in the country.