Spending Christmas at home is tradition, but starting a new tradition is just as fun. We are talking about a destination Christmas. There are plenty of places that get you in the holiday spirit, and some places are perfect for curing the winter blues. Check out these five places to spend your Christmas, and why they are probably better than sitting in your living room on Christmas morning.

Destination Christmas


An obvious choice is to spend Christmas and Christmas break away from the cold, and on a beach somewhere. Cancun is a perfect option so you can slap on your board shorts and a Santa hat, put a cold drink in your hand and plant your butt on the beach. Also, this is a cheaper time of the year to travel to Cancun, so rates should be pretty reasonable all around. The weather is better than any cold atmosphere, and because it is Cancun, get ready to party. It doesn’t matter that it’s Christmas time, this city is always ready to throw down, and you better be right there with them.


Skiing SanaVail, Colorado is known as a ski town, and that is exactly why you should head there for Christmas break. Whether you come from a warm weather city and just want to see some snow, or you are used to the cold, but want to up the ante on the slopes, Vail is a perfect fit. It can get a bit crowded this time of year because of the great riding available, but make no mistake, it’s worth it. Imagine waking up Christmas morning, and strapping on your snowboard and ripping up the mountain. There are numerous resorts that cater to your need to hit the mountain, and the nightlife is the best during the winter. If you feel like hitting the slopes hard this Christmas, Vail is a perfect fit.

Punta Cana

Another beach destination, Punta Cana is a paradise in the middle of winter. Heading here will take away any wintertime blues, and make your Christmas one to remember. How many people can say they spent their Christmas in the Dominican Republic, eating fresh fruits and pounding tequila on the beach? Not many is the answer. While your friends are wearing their snuggies on Christmas morning, you will be slipping on your bathing suit and heading to the beach with a cold beer in a gift basket tossing photos on Facebook all day.

San Diego

Waterski SantaSan Diego is known as having the most perfect weather all year throughout the country, and rightfully so. Sure, it can get a bit nippy here and there in the winter, but it is mostly beautiful weather during Christmas time. With the option of sitting on the beach and relaxing, or strolling throughout the city, Sand Diego offers plenty to do. Not to mention the vibe and nightlife is amazing any time of the year, so you will fit right in. The food is also delicious throughout the city, so changing up the Christmas cuisine is fun.

New York City

This city just screams Christmas. In all the Christmas movies, New York City is the central piece. With the over the top decorations, beautiful lights, and Christmas time weather, there is no better place to get in the spirit. If you’re looking for a white Christmas, New York City is the place to be. It can be extremely crowded and pricey this time of year, but spending your Christmas in New York City is not like anything else. It is rare to see someone not in a jolly mood when Christmas rolls around.