If you are American, a strange 3-year time period exists for you between the age of 18 to 21. For instance, you can vote for the President but you can’t get into a club. You can fight and die serving your country in the military, yet it is still illegal for you to buy a beer. There are certainly a lot of contradictions people stuck in this time zone have to deal with. Yet, for those who have been dreaming of a party paradise complete with white sandy beaches, enormous nightclubs, fun loving people and a drinking age of 18, your dreams have come true. Welcome to Cancun.

Famous for nonstop partying, Cancun attracts partyers from all over the world. You can bet on meeting some fun people here especially during Spring Break. The Cancun nightlife has everything, from bars overlooking the crystal blue ocean to nightclubs vibrating until sunrise.

Cancun Spring Break Girls

If you can’t decide what to do first, give the ‘party hopper bar crawl’ a try. It’s a pub crawl that includes seven hours of VIP service, line passes, no cover at the clubs and FREE DRINKS. But first, if you want to unwind, check out La Isla Shopping Village. It is an open air shopping center with a movie theater, stores and restaurants. At some point during your vacation take a ferry ride over to the Isla Mujeres. This relaxing little island is great for chilling on the beach or going snorkeling. Afterwards, back in Cancun you can go scuba diving, deep sea fishing or attend an old-fashioned bull fight.

Cancun Spring BreakCancun is a paradise… but…

  • You need a passport to get there (and back).
  • You have to go through Customs – twice (getting there and returning). Don’t bring anything or take anything back that you could get in trouble for.
  • You need Mexican money – pesos. Get a good exchange rate by using an ATM. Use ATM’s inside the hotel, or you risk identity theft and a bigger withdrawal fee.
  • Cops – the Policia are willing to accept small bribes (read Steve-O’s letter). Don’t be surprised if a policeman holds out an open hand while holding your ID hostage in the other.
  • Remember nothing is free- If someone says “Hey, you want a shot of Tequila?” This only means you haven’t yet negotiated a price.
  • Bargaining is common, you can always barter for a better price.