Being in college, Spring Break is a right of passage. Whether you hit up Spring Break every year you are in college, or just one of them, you are partaking in one of the greatest events of your college career. Not much beats a week in the sun with your friends, hammering down drinks, dancing all night, and hooking up with people from all over the country, and possibly world. College is seen as a time for people to let loose, and not worry about who they are hooking up with, and Spring Break is that times 10. Once you get on Spring Break, it seems most everyone has the same goals, and hooking up is definitely one of them. Although it is overall pretty easy to do the In Your Pants Dance, there are still some ways to improve your chances at scoring with the random smoke from beach or bar.

Be Clean:

Nasty DudeNot only is this a rule for hooking up on Spring Break, but for life in general when hooking up. Nobody wants to hook up with the dirty person. It is understandable that between the countless hours spent in the sand at the beach, the paint parties, and the numerous drinks spilled on you are bound to get you a bit messy. That does not mean that a cannonball once a day in the for sure clean and not filled with all sorts of scum Spring Break hotel pool counts as getting clean. Be a gem and hop in the shower for 5 minutes at least and scrub down. Girls and guys want to hook up with something that smells good, not like the 2PM buffet that you puked up after too many kamikazee shots. Be clean and it will make your hookup quest a lot easier on Spring Break.

Don’t Get Too Sloppy:

Sweet Drunk Sloppy GirlsSpring Break is absolutely a time to get demolished beyond belief, engage in drunken shenanigans, and have some of the best boozing times imaginable. This is all great fun, but if you want to hook up with someone, being too sloppy is not the answer. Sure, it is funny, and most people won’t mind it because after all, it is Spring Break. That is not what will hold you back. It is passing out before the chance to hookup with someone, or getting kicked out of a bar before you seal a deal that will hold you back. Get sloppy while on Spring Break, but know when to hide it, or hold it off long enough to get your rocks off.

Be Outgoing:

Spring Break Key WestSure, back in college you might be a bit reserved and shy, but Spring Break is a different animal. Mostly nobody here knows you, so you can be whoever you want. If you want to be the party guy, the suave seducer, or the comedian, you can be. Spring Break is mostly the same for everyone wanting to meet everything and everyone, and this teams up well with hooking up. Others want to be around the partying group that seem to be having the most fun, so immerse yourself in there and people will flock to you and automatically be willing to give you more than they were before. Know where the best parties are that night, and you will have a trail following you longer than Moses had.

Lower Standards A Bit:

Sure, every girl wants the guy with Taylor Lautner abs, and every guy wants a girl with a body tighter than a cover model, but be realistic. The ones that look like this on Spring Break most likely are going to be too into the other celebrity look-alikes to waste their time with you. So unless you look like Alex Pettyfer, go after the someone more attainable. Chances are they are looking for the same, and will be more than happy to hit the pool late night with the swimsuits left on the chairs.