The whole goal of Spring Break is to have fun, meet people, and hook up. This seems simple enough right? Still there are plenty of people who epically fail on Spring Break. They mess up every encounter, manage not to get any numbers, and become more annoying than fun. So, how do you avoid blowing your Spring Break chances? It’s as easy as one, two, three.

Spring Break 2012 - How Not to Fail

1. Have a Wingman

The easiest way to make sure you’re not blowing all your chances at meeting people and having fun during Spring Break is to have a wingman. This applies to both men and women. A wingman is a friend that basically keeps you in check. They’re there to give you the confidence to walk up to that hot guy or girl and start a conversation out of nowhere. Many times, your wingman actually strikes up a conversation with someone and leaves an opening for you to come in and take over.

A wingman also makes sure your interaction goes well. The wingman is there to fill in any awkward gaps and help lighten the mood. A wingman is so important for your entire Spring Break, especially for those socially awkward few. Still, your wingman must make sacrifices. They’re responsible for the less hot ones in a group. They have to occupy them to make an opening for you to step in. So, find a good friend but make sure you pay them back for all their hard work.

2. Know Your Limit

Its extremely easy to exceed your drinking limit during Spring Break especially if you’re playing drinking games with tons of people. Some of them won’t know you yet, so you’ll have something to prove. Still, you don’t want to be known as the sloppy drunk. Sloppy drunks are not only annoying, they’re usually the ones who get kicked out of the party. Your date will not think you’re cool, they’ll just move on to the next one. So, if you want to make sure you still have friends by the end of this vacation, control yourself a bit.’

No one wants to have to babysit a sloppy drunk during Spring Break. And wouldn’t you like to remember almost all of your Spring Break? The worst possible fail is to be a sloppy, out of control drunk. Spring Break is about having fun and we all know some drunks are extremely emotional and can be prone to temper tantrums. Don’t be the guy who thinks just because he’s had a few drinks he’s a karate master. Be the guy who can hold his liquor and still have swag.

3. Don’t Be a Stalker

During Spring Break, people flock from all over to party in one place. At each Spring Break location, there are thousands of partyers getting away from the monotony of school and work. This gives you the opportunity to meet as many new people as you can. Yes, you will run into some fours, but you’ll also find some tens in the crowd. Those are the hotties you want to approach first. You’ll want to party with them the most and devote most of your attention to hooking up with them. But don’t be a stalker. If you set something up with these hotties, wait until that time to see them. Don’t follow them around the beach all day like a lost puppy. There are a thousand other people you could be meeting and having fun with. You don’t want to be desperate. People generally respond to someone who is in high demand.

The easiest way to avoid being stalker material is to keep your options open. It’s okay to have your mind set on a ten but there are plenty of other ranges on the hot scale roaming around the island. You have seven days to meet as many people and party as hard as you can. Where’s the fun in following one person around for an entire week? Wouldn’t you rather have several options instead of depending on one person to make or break your Spring Break? Spring Break is about having fun. Its a pre-summer party. Go crazy!

So, if you potentially failed the following Spring Break or you’re just trying to avoid ruining this Spring Break, these three tips will be your perfect guide. Three simple things that can make your Spring Break even more exciting and fun. Don’t be a fool and fail this Spring Break. Live it up and never lose your swag.