Traveling is a passion of many people. Experiencing new areas, cultures, and lifestyles is something that is fascinating and fun at the same time. Whether you are traveling within the United States, or abroad to some foreign land, you are going to encounter different experiences. It doesn’t matter if you are raging on the beaches of the Dominican Republic, or walking through Times Square in New York City. There are certain customs to each place you go to that you should be aware of, and follow. You don’t have to, but not following them can cause dirty looks, refusal of help or service, or outright angry responses. It is highly suggested looking up the do’s and don’ts of any place you are traveling to. As if you aren’t already a tourist enough, with your packed fanny pack, water bottle, camera, and spf 100 sunscreen, there are ways to avoid sticking out worse. What you say to the locals can really have an impact on your experience. These 4 phrases should never be uttered out loud while traveling, even if you are thinking them inside that glorious dome of yours. These can be applied to pretty much any location, internationally.

4752418-happy-young-people-tourists-isolated-over-white-background“Don’t you speak English?”-

This will not be such a problem inside the United States as it will once you step foot outside the country walls. Don’t be that tourist that assumes EVERYONE in the world knows how to speak your native tongue. Sure, in a lot of countries people go the extra mile to learn some English on their own, but it is exactly that, SOME English. Just because they can’t keep up with your 165 words per minute pace that you are asking for directions, does not mean they are dumb, or are being ignorant. If you are in a country where English is not prevalent at all, you will be looked down upon for not even attempting to learn their culture, and refusal of help or angry responses are a typical outcome. It is the same as if someone came up to you in the street speaking another language extremely fast and then getting frustrated you couldn’t understand them. Although you may think the United States is the best country in the world, this is not the case in many other areas.

“I would never move here.”

Although this may be true, this is something that should never be uttered out loud. Most likely if these words come out of your mouth, the locals don’t want you moving there anyway. You are visiting for a reason, you have chose to live somewhere else. Traveling comes with good and bad, and as soon as you booked your ticket you bought into that idea. Just go with the flow, even if it is not your cup of tea. If you would never move there, keep it to yourself and just don’t. The locals don’t need to hear your reasons why.

P1080522“Back home is so much better.”

This goes along the lines of the previous statement. In your eyes, your home may be better, which is why you live there. Just as the locals in the area you are in like living where they are. They believe it is better. Every travel destination is going to have perks and downfalls, but it is what you make of it. Avoid saying this phrase out loud so you don’t look like a dumb tourist. Just embrace wherever you are at, because you chose to go there.

“Do you have any American food?”

This may be one of the biggest pet peeves of people outside the country. In America, sure you have your cheeseburgers and whatnot, but it is more than certain you have had your fair share of Italian food, Chinese food, and Mexican food, plus more. When you are in another country, enjoy their culture, because it is what they love and eat. It is almost a guarantee that you will find something you enjoy in every country, that isn’t American. Try new things and don’t just run to the closest McDonald’s and prove the stereotype that Americans are close minded obese children. Enjoy the food that surrounds you, chances are it is fresher, healthier, and tastier than a lot of food you will be getting in the states.