Summer packed into one week

Spring Break FunOne of the best parts of summer is the length. It is a few months of unreal fun in the sun and sand with hometown friends. It seems every week brings a bit of fun into your life, and you can’t wait for summer to hit all year. The difference with Spring Break? Picture those three months of fun, slammed into one week of insanity. That’s right, all the drinking you spread throughout 3 months, goes into 7 days. All the hookups you squeak out throughout the summer, get throttled in a week. This is the reason people need to take a week off of classes the week they get back from Spring Break. It’s literally nonstop fun everywhere you turn for a week. Take advantage of this.

Nobody knows who you are

As we have mentioned before, Spring Break is absolutely a time to be somebody different. You are heading to a destination with a few of your friends, and that’s it. Maybe a couple other people from your school are heading there, but chances are you won’t really hang out with them. This is your shot to be somebody different than you are back home. If you want to make up a fake name and sport that you play great, but even if you just want to get out of your shell a bit, this is the time. Nobody here on Spring Break knows that you’re actually a pretty studious chem major that has never shotgunned a beer before and only had 2 long term girlfriends in your life. As far as they know, you are the Van Wilder of your school, never seen without a beer in your hand and a smoking hottie on your arm.

Different beaches

During the summer you hit up a few beaches with your friends, and it’s a great time, but it gets stale. Seeing the same people, dealing with the same crowded family beaches and listening to babies cry. Spring Break is full of tropical beaches, slam packed with people your own age with your own mindset looking to have the best week of their life. The water is a bit clearer and bluer, and although there may be plastic cups littering the beach and passed out frat brothers left and right, it’s a beautiful sight to see every morning.

Harder drinking

Spring Break DrinkingSummer is absolutely a time for beers after beers after beers. Not much is better than sitting on the beach with a cooler of cold ones, on a Tuesday. The difference is, on Spring Break this level of drinking is multiplied by about 60. Instead of sitting on the beach with a beer in the sun, you are grinding in between two smokeshows while double fisting frozen drinks and someone is pouring tequila down your throat on a tropical beach while the DJ blasts music. The rage feeling is in full effect. You may get drunk throughout the day during the summer on the beach, but rest assured at least a couple days on Spring Break you will be blackout by noon.

Better nightlife

Spring Break NightlifeLet’s be honest, the nightlife in your summer town sucks. Even if you live or vacation for the summer in an awesome beach town, typically the nightlife is pretty brutal. Usually it’s a couple dive bars that are fun to get smashed in, but they get old quickly. Not to mention the nights usually end early because people either have to work a summer job in the morning, or everyone is exhausted from being on the beach all day. Not the case on Spring Break. The nightlife is one of the best parts of Spring Break, with raging clubs that often don’t close until 4AM or later. These bars and clubs in Spring Break destinations are specifically designed to pack the most amount of fun in your March break as possible. Not to mention the amazing artists and celebrities that perform.