thanksgivingOne of the greatest holidays of the year is approaching fast. Thanksgiving is something just about everyone can and will celebrate. Many people have the day off from work, school, and other commitments, so indulging to the fullest is a must. Stuffing your face with more food than is ever necessary, and bragging about it on social media is a must. Sure, you get to spend time with your family, but how long can that actually be a happy event before some argument breaks out? Let’s be honest, one of the greatest parts of Thanksgiving weekend is the night before Thanksgiving. Notoriously one of the biggest bar nights of the year, this is a time for you to get sloshed silly. Does anyone ever think about why exactly this is one of the heaviest drinking nights of the year? Here are 4 reasons why Thanksgiving is a time when the bars become the most packed, and some of the greatest drunken decisions are made.

Huge Holiday:

Thanksgiving is a holiday that generally most people have off, besides food service workers and some retail stores. This calls for everyone being allowed to lay around all day, and not suffer the consequences of going into work more hungover than a diehard Red Sox fan after they win the World Series. This means everyone can go out the night before without worry, and enjoy all the splendors of getting bombed beyond belief at the local bar. You don’t have work, all of your friends don’t have work, what else is there to do besides party the night away?


friends-at-sports-bar-horizThis holiday is a time when most people go home from college, visit families, and people that have moved away from home come back to visit families. This means it is a perfect opportunity to get into drunken shenanigans with your immature high school buddies, and relive old times. Hit on that high school crush now that you have lost the baby fat in your face and have more drunken confidence than a freshman mathlete at a frat party. You get to see friends you haven’t seen in a while, and how better to celebrate than to get get hammered with them? Catch up with people, and reminisce over a beer or 12 about that time Dave sharted his shorts in the middle of the math test.

Nobody Wants To Host:

If your householding is hosting Thanksgiving, the day is typically filled with scurrying around and cooking food and setting up for guests and family members including that weird aunt that smells like a bag of cheese left in a gym bag for 2 weeks. Nobody wants to have to host people or cook food the night before, so they go out. Also, if the house is already clean and ready for the next day, the last thing your parents or family are going to want to do is let you ruin it by dirtying it up and leaving your sloppy college persona all over the place. Going out the night before alleviates a ton of pressure for the host of the weekend, and plus, do you really want to sip on a gross old fashioned listening to your great uncle tell you a story about his new socks? We didn’t think so. Get out of the house and obliterate some beers to deal with the pain that comes with hearing bad stories from family.

Thanksgiving Food Is Hangover Magic:

thanksgiving-dinner1Possibly the most important and glorious part of Thanksgiving is the food that comes with it. Not only is it delicious and hearty, it acts as the perfect hangover cure. After a night of getting sloshed seemingly beyond repair with old friends, the inevitable hangover is sure to follow suit. What do you do the day after heavy drinking? You sit on your caboose all day and crush copious amounts of fatty foods. Enter Thanksgiving dinner. Usually eaten earlier in the day than a typical dinner, the mashed potatoes, heavy turkey legs, gravy, and stuffing will soak up all that booze, and leave you feeling a million times better. Add in the desserts, and that glorious inevitable post-dinner nap that is going to come, and your hangover eases away. All the more reason to hit the bars the night before and rip shots and chug beers.