Halloween is one of the greatest days of the year. Nearly nothing costumes, drinks upon drinks, and parties filled with outrageous characters are abound. EDM festivals are one of the greatest types of festivals of today’s generation. Awesome dance music, ten’s of thousands of party animals, and drinks flowing make for one heck of an event. What could be better than combining these two amazing experiences? Nothing at all. This is where the Hard Day of The Dead Festival in Los Angeles comes into play. This EDM festival that happens this weekend on November 2nd, and 3rd, is something not to miss.

hard-2With the Halloween theme still going strong, the festival is extended to two days this year, so you can get your rave on both Saturday and Sunday, while in full costume. That’s right, continue the Halloween fun because if you are not in costume, you will feel very out of place. With top Deejays in the industry such as Skrillex, Nero, Calvin Harris, and Pretty Lights performing among the many other artists, you are sure to get one heck of a bang for your buck. Located at the LA State Historic Park, this festival gets absolutely jam packed with revelers.

hard_fans25-600x408How can you go wrong with thousands of other people celebrating the sexiest, funnest holiday in the warm LA weather, at a music event that has taken the world by storm? The answer is you can’t. Slam some drinks, toss on that costume yet again, and pretend to be something you can’t the other 51 weeks a year. Tickets are pretty cheap considering the massive 2 day lineup, and it’s LA, one of the biggest party cities in the U.S.