Halloween is right around the corner, and partying hard in a full getup is a must. People watching is one of the greatest parts of this time of year, and seeing the creativity, and the lack of clothing people can come up with. Although you may already have plans on where you are going to be spending your rage fueled night, if you are not attending one of these parties, you are surely missing out. Every city gets into Halloween, but these 5 spots are over the top, and are sure to leave you with some of the best memories of your life.

Fetish & Fantasy Halloween Ball

Las Vegas, Nevada

The 10th Annual Fetish & Fantasy Halloween BallLas Vegas. Those two words should say it all. The most notorious party city in the states just HAS to be on this list. Every part of Vegas is over the top, and that doesn’t stop with this Halloween bash held at the Hard Rock every year. The top costume takes home about $1,200 and that doesn’t mean it has to be extravagant. Exhibitionism is encouraged, so ladies, wear two band aids and a cork and you are set. Named “One of the Top Ten Events In The World” by the Travel Channel, expect to see two haunted houses, a porn slide show, beautiful people galore, and laser cannons all around a massive dance floor.

New York’s Village Halloween Parade

Greenwich Village, New York

You couldn’t have a list of biggest, best parties without New York being on the list. With over 42 bands performing, the most visually enticing Halloween celebration on the planet makes it a must attend. 35,000 participants in the parade are part of the reason this is named “The Greatest Event on Earth for October 31” by Festivals International. You will see every walk of life at this bash.

Freaks, Follies & Sideshows

New Orleans, Louisiana

Frenchmen HalloweenNew Orleans is known for Mardi Gras, but don’t count them out for the most costumed event of the year. 4 days of Halloween madness make up the Big Easy’s Halloween bash, and the unbelievable techno costume party called Vampire Stripper Sluts from Outer Space makes just about anyone have a burning desire to attend. With the warm weather of the south, expect plenty of scantily clad people, and the air just seems to warrant finding someone to go home with at the end of the night.

Playboy Mansion

Beverly Hills, California

Playboy Mansion Halloween PartyAlthough this is not open to the public, this is probably the most well known Halloween event in the U.S. If you are lucky enough to be a celebrity, or just unbelievably attracted and get invited to this over the top party, get ready to have a wild time. With playmates wearing sexy, next to nothing attire and raging alongside you and giving you tours, it is every guy’s fantasy. Hugh Hefner is known for going all out, so get ready for the gargoyles, dancers, and decor that makes the best designer embarrassed. Oh ya, can’t forget the possibilities of what will happen in that infamous pool and grotto.

Any College Campus

Nationwide, U.S.

Any College Campus Halloween PartyHalloween might quite possibly be the best time of the year at any college in America. Huge parties, co-eds left and right with three main things on their minds; drinking, showing off costumes, and finding someone to hook up with. These all mixed together create a heck of a time. College is probably the greatest venue for Halloween, and everyone gets so into it. Girls trying to outduel each other and guys coming up with hilarious ideas. Make sure at least one of your Halloween night’s is spent on campus, and you won’t regret it.