Go out every night

You have been waiting all year for this week, and in your mind you are raging 24/7. While this might seem like a breeze, it is actually a marathon. About halfway through the week your body is going to be begging you to stop from the constant intake of alcohol, and lack of sleep. Your body wants you to rest, and take a breather maybe for a day, or even a night. Push through this nonsense and move onward young soldier. Every time you have the urge to nap, slam a beer. You waited months for this opportunity, and you don’t want to miss a second of the fun with foolishness such as naps and sobriety. Go out every night of your Spring Break. You need as many stories as possible for when you get back to campus.

Take advantage of all-inclusive deals

Spring Break All InclusiveChances are, you booked Spring Break with an all-inclusive deal. This means you get to eat and drink as much as you possibly can throughout the week. It may seem like common sense, but take advantage of this! You are paying an extra amount up front for these benefits, and too many times people don’t make use of them to the full extent. Every time you walk by a bar, snag two drinks. Eat every meal, and stuff your face. Have one hand always filled with either a piece of food, or a cold drink. Get your money’s worth, because you certainly paid for it.

Wear sunblock

Sure, you want to get all tan and sexy throughout the week, but that isn’t going to happen if you roast like an ant in the desert on the first day. You might not want to wear sunblock right away because it is taking away from your tanning time, but remember that your skin hasn’t seen sun in months. You will fry, and be miserable if you skip the block. Nobody wants to remember their Spring Break being filled with sun blisters, boils, peeling skin, and sitting in the shade all week jut because you forgot the white stuff. Just put on a good coat before you leave the hotel room for the day, and once more a few hours later and you’ll be golden. Don’t worry, the tan will come.

Be outgoing

Spring Break All InclusiveWhether it’s just to meet more people throughout the week, or to hook up with randoms, being outgoing can go a long way. Not only will you meet people from all over that become your instant friends for the week, but this also gives you more resources for parties. Maybe the big group you just met knows about an awesome VIP opportunity at the club that night, or they are friends with a group of sorority girls that want to rage all week. People want to hang out with outgoing people, and you never know who you are going to meet during a week of raging in the sun.