Kings Cup Rules

Kings Cup Rules

When you’re at a house party or even a hotel room, drinking games can really come in handy.  Kings Cup is one of the most commonly played games, at least in the West Coast. Here’s how to play:

Grab as many people as you can because there is no limit to the amount of people who can play Kings Cup. Just make sure you have enough alcohol for everyone.

You take a deck of 52 cards and give them a good shuffle. Then, you place the entire deck in the middle of the table. Determine who will be the first person to grab the first card. Top card, bottom or middle, it doesn’t matter – just make sure they grab one card.

  1. Set up an order for people to pick cards – with drinking games its usually clockwise.
  2. When a 2 card is picked the “2 means you.” This means the person who picked the card chooses anyone to drink.
  3. If a 3 card is picked, the “3 means me.”  This means the person who picked the card has to drink.
  4. When you pick a 4 card, all girls have to drink. (4 means whores 😉 )
  5. If a person draws a 5 card, he/she has to drink for 5 seconds.
  6. Kings Cup RulesWhen someone picks a 6 card, all the guys have to drink. (6 means dicks)
  7. Picking a 7 means Heaven and no one drinks.
  8. Revealing a 9 card means Rhyme Time. The person who picks the 9 must pick a word that everyone has to rhyme with. Each person takes turns trying to find a word that rhymes with that chosen word. The person who can’t make a rhyme has to drink.
  9. When someone picks a Jack, they unlock the Categories game.  This means that the person who picked the card has to name a category for everyone to talk about. For example, if I picked a Jack, I can pick a category like automobiles. This means that the next person has to say an automobile such as Honda, Ford, Chevy, etc. This is what makes this game one of the best drinking games – the ability to be creative. So, we go around the table until a person can no longer come up with one – that person drinks. You can also set a time limit to answer so that the game doesn’t lag for too long.
  10. If anyone picks a Queen, that triggers the Questions game. Each person asks a question to anyone on the table. Then, they must answer with a question back. The first person to not ask a question has to drink. (The goal is to ask a question that sounds so real and genuine that the other person actually answers the question.)
  11. If someone draws a King, that player must pour some of their beer into a cup. Each time a King is drawn, the person who pulled the card pours some beer into that same cup. The Kings drawn are placed face-up and the person who draws the fourth and last King has to drink from that cup. There is no limit to how much you can pour into the cup, but of course, you want to keep people at the table playing and not passed out in a bathtub somewhere. So, be kind with the amount of alcohol you pour. Or, not 😉
  12. When an Ace of any suit is picked the person who picked the Ace gets to make up a rule – any rule. And if the rule is ever broken, that person has to drink. One example of a made up rule is if a person doesn’t touch his nose before they drink, they have to drink twice.

In the end, drinking games are all just made up. There are no set rules for any game. If everyone agrees on the rules, then, those will be the rules. Feel free to change up the rules as you see fit to make the game more interesting.