As the football season draws to a close, particularly the NFL season, there is one event that trumps all others: The Super Bowl. Every year it is one of the most watched events on television, and people across the country gather to watch. Whether it is the game, the commercials, or just the party, there is plenty of reason for anyone and everyone to hit a Super Bowl party. This year is no different, and the hangover will be just the same on Monday. If you are thinking of hosting your own Super Bowl party this year, you are going to need this quick hitter’s handbook in order to rage throughout the game without a hitch.


Super Bowl PartyThis is a given, but still needs to be mentioned. Football equals beer, and the Super Bowl equals even more copious amounts of beer. This is the Super Bowl, so go Super Big. There’s nothing more American than beer and football, so stock up. People will guzzle constantly throughout the game, so buy enough. If you don’t feel like spending tons of money on beer, ask everyone coming to bring a pack, or just buy a keg or two, which is always a cheaper option. If you think that anyone is going to complain that there isn’t anything to drink besides beer, then un-invite them immediately and de-friend them on Facebook. Seriously, you don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. Plus, they will just complain the entire time until Drunk Steve knocks them out at halftime for being a bi***h.

Big TV

Again, this one seems pretty easy, but it can’t be said enough. The big game needs a big TV. If you are sitting there questioning whether your TV is big enough, it isn’t. Go out and buy a new one, or borrow one, or just plain don’t have people over. Especially if you’re planning on having a lot of people over, a big TV is necessary so everyone can see the game. Nobody wants to have to huddle together for 4 hours.


Super Bowl PartyFood is essential during football, and especially during a 4 hour marathon of beer slinging. People are going to be hungry. Don’t try to go over the top with this one. For football games, people love finger foods. Stick to easy appetizers, and if you’re going to get them from a restaurant, place your order well in advance, at least a week. Easy options are wings and tenders, mozzarella sticks, poppers, chip and dip, pizza, and maybe one of those ridiculously unnecessary party subs. If you were thinking anything along the lines of salad, un-invite yourself immediately.

Gambling to keep everyone involved, especially women

Super Bowl PartyThe easiest solution for this is playing squares. If you don’t know how this works, than look it up. It is a great way to make the game exciting for some people that might not care, and also to earn a bit of extra dough. Most of the time your favorite team didn’t make the Super Bowl anyways, so it can keep you entertained as well, besides your beer.

Actual fans

As we previously mentioned, there’s a good chance that your team didn’t make the Super Bowl. Although this may be the case, make sure you invite a couple people who’s team actually did. This provides endless entertainment as they get drunker and their team starts to suck or dominate, and watching the hammered, emotional roller coaster take off. Just make it known before everyone starts drinking that if they break something in your house, they buy it.