Summer has been a blast so far, but across the country, campuses are gearing up for the back to school crowd. You better enjoy these last days, because in just a matter of weeks, classes will be in full swing. As much as the end to summer sucks, it is a bittersweet feeling because we all know how much of a blast heading back to campus can be. It’s a new year, and no matter what year you are heading into, you can always meet new people to rage with, become friends with, and hookup with. We have some of the best ways to meet these people.

Move in day

Move In Day

Going back to school? Time to do your own laundry.

The energy on move in day is unreal. Everyone is pumped to get their place perfect, and to invite people over to see how summer went, and crush drinks to celebrate. This is the perfect time to scope out the newest talent as well. Whether it is fresh meat freshmen, transfer newbies, or people that have matured over the summer, keep your eyes peeled. Once you’re all settled in after moving in, go for a stroll around campus to check out the electricity and introduce yourself.


Out of all the things you’re looking forward to this year in college, class is probably close to the bottom. It’s not nearly as fun as hanging out in your dorm, raging on the weekends, or strolling through campus. The benefit of heading to class though, is there are plenty opportunities to meet new people. Typically, people in the same class as you are interested in the same topics as you, and might possibly be in the same major. That alone makes for some common grounds, and a lot of the time you might find yourself needing a study partner. Also, Mondays in class are the perfect time to swap war stories from the weekend, and you might find others that you need to rage with in the future. Be friendly in class, these people just may be in future classes with you as well.

Intramural Sports

Intramural SportsTeam sports are a great way to meet people. Typically the intramural level involves people just trying to have some fun, all interested in the same things. Try to sign up for a team that fits your style. Get to know your team well, and soon you’ll be crushing beers before and after the games, and find yourselves getting together on the weekends as well. Not to mention it’s a cool feeling walking through campus and seeing a teammate to high five. Competition gets the juices flowing, and sports are a great way to make friends.

Frat Parties

Frat Party

Yes, partying brings people together. Frat parties may seem pretty cliche, but they really do get all walks of life into the same place. Plus, if people are raging together, chances are you have something in common. A great way to meet someone to hook up with later on as well. Frat parties have themes often, so you can get together with people to get creative, and soon you’ll be rolling up in a crew ready to wreck house. Whether you’re a frat member, or just there to party, you will meet plenty of people.

Dorm Lounge

The dorms are notorious for meeting people, and the lounge is no different. You will usually find people just hanging out, studying, or relaxing. Most people that head to the dorm lounge are open to meeting new people, and are friendly. It’s worth it to take a stroll down here on the weeknights to see what’s hanging out, and if they are in your lounge, they live in your building. This makes it easy to meet up in the future too.