If you’re a single guy, there are going to be times when you want to go out on the weekend and snag a random smokeshow for the evening. The issue is that single girls almost never travel alone, so meeting one, means you have to meet her friends. This is where you employ a wingman or wingmen for the night, to take care of her friends while you slide the old moves all over your target. The key is to picking a quality wingman, one that is all in for your end goal. Here are a few traits:


Has nothing to lose

Usually the perfect wingman is a guy in a relationship that wants to live through you. He has nothing to lose by chatting up a girl without going overboard. He has no issues with it, because he knows at the end of the night it doesn’t matter if the girl wants to be under him or not. Also, a single guy can be a great wingman, as long as he knows your goals and has no intentions of trying to go for the girl you want.

Similar to you

Similar WingmanYou don’t want a wingman that is way funnier, better looking, or more charismatic than you. At the same time, you don’t want to put him to shame in any of these categories. You want a wingman like you, because you will be going after two attractive women, and they won’t waste their time talking to a starter and a bench player, just as you wouldn’t. Make sure you are both pretty equal, and can keep the broads attention just fine.

Keeping you in check

A great wingman will act as almost your butler. Maybe you really don’t NEED that 5th shot of tequila, because he knows when your drunk eyes are coming on. If you’re getting off topic and the conversation is getting awkward, he can bring it back to focus. He will let you know if you have pit stains, boogers, or anything else that will gross a girl out. He is looking out for you, and can read your body language without having to speak.

Preventing interference

If you’re at a bar, and the girls are hopefully as goodlooking as you think they are, there are sure to be other guys wanting their in. A good wingman can create some interference and occupy the other guy while you do what you do. If she has anyone trying to be a cockblock, the wingman can step right in and assess the situation, and get rid of any grenades.

Reads the situation

Good WingmanOftentimes, if you are enamored with a girl, you may fail to read the situation correctly. This is where the wingman can pick up on subtleties you may miss. Maybe it’s clear to him the girl isn’t interested in you and doesn’t want you to waste your time anymore, or he knows that the conversation needs to be shifted. He knows when to speak up, and when to shut up and let you do your thing.


A great wingman has no fear going into any situation. This kind of stems back to him having nothing to lose, and he puts it all on the line. He is willing to take the brunt of the awkward conversation, put any embarrassing moments on himself, all in an effort to make you look the best you can be. He has no fear of getting shot down, all in an attempt to soften the defense for you to come in and take it to smash city.

Takes the uglier friend

FearlessNo sacrifices, no glory. The definition of taking one for the team. The perfect wingman will poach the wildebeest, especially if it seems like she is into you. The uglier friend is all him, even if it means he is hog hunting. Not saying he has to roll around in the hay with her, but he will take her attention away from you. This will allow the better looking of the two to notice you more.

Pumps you up

After all of this, he keeps your head in the game. Gives you some pointers on info he has grabbed, like if she has a boyfriend, or what she is into. He makes sure you are ready to take down this goddess. Keeps your enthusiasm high, and your heart beating. A good wingman wants you to throttle this girl as much as you do, and gets just as excited when you seal the deal.