The 4th of July is one of the greatest, if not THE greatest holiday in the world, and it is coming up quick. No matter where you live, you should be celebrating the independence of the greatest country in the world in extraordinary fashion, and raging harder than you do all year. In order to make sure your holiday goes according to plan, we have given you some vital 4th of July party tips.

4th of July

Wear sunblock

Although Memorial Day Weekend kicks off summer, the 4th of July is the real summer banger. A lot of spots in the country are still a bit cloudy or on the chillier side during the month of June, so you may not have been in the sun much before July 4th. This means you need to lather on the sunblock. Nobody likes the dude that looks like one third of the American flag because he is redder than the Kool Aid man. Also, this will ruin your night if you are fried from the day. Suck it up and ask someone to rub it in your back, as it is worth it.

Be on a beach

4th of JulyNothing screams the 4th of July like rocking out on a beach with a bunch of other people. Like we mentioned before about the sunblock, this is the perfect time to be in the sun. Whether it is a lake, ocean, pond, or river, make sure some sand is in between your toes. Make this an All-American summer by upping your game. Toss in a boat for good measure and your day at the beach just got to boss status. Beach beers are synonymous with July 4th, so head to the water.

Beer during the day

As tempted as you might be to rip shots of Fireball at 11am, you don’t want to be face down in the sand by 4pm. Stick to beer during the day so it hits you slower, and you can rally all day. Remember, this day is a marathon, not a sprint. Oh, you don’t want to look all bloated from all the beer? Boo hoo, suck it up because you will look a lot worse if you’re throwing up that 7th shot of tequila into the sand that you just convinced yourself you could handle. Plus, beer is the perfect compliment to any beach game, and it is cheap to stock up on.

On point outfit is a must

Yes, a bathing suit is probably the best overall outfit of the day, but you need to show up to the bash in something that says you would rather be buried 6 feet under than leave the good ol’ U S of A. We are talking flag emblazoned knee high socks, American flag speedos, cutoff jean vests, jorts, flag bandanas, the works. This is on par with Halloween where you can never be to over the top. What is anybody going to say? You love your country too much? Rock out with the world’s greatest country by showing your pride through what you wear. It will all slowly be stripped off regardless as the booze starts flowing.

Slam water

This is probably common sense, but you are going to need to be crushing water left and right too. With the amount of sun hitting your skin, and booze hitting your gut, you need to intermingle some quality H2O in there. We are not saying act like an RA on duty on a Saturday night in the dorm, but make sure you stay hydrated. Again, marathon, not sprint.

Be single

HookupYes this holiday can be fun with a significant other, but what better way to celebrate America’s independence than by demolishing some new new? Everybody is trying to party on this holiday, and partying involves getting drunk and hooking up. Make it interesting by making it someone new. Plus, chances are you’re going to be raging with a lot of people in bathing suits you’ve never met before, so take advantage of all that new flesh flowing around.

Eat meat

Americans eat meat, and meat is July 4th. Hot dogs, burgers, steak, chicken, doesn’t matter. Grill it up and chomp it down. There is something about grilling and crushing beers that just asserts your dominance as an American, so be proud. Also, meat can be cheap to buy in bulk for a large party, so if everybody chips in a bit it won’t cost nearly anything to fuel your body for later night drinking. You need something in your system to soak up that 30 pack of beers, might as well make it some protein.