With EDC, Coachella, Bonnaroo, Stage Coach, and other big name music festivals having already passed, you might be thinking that summer festival season is coming to a close. No worries, there are still plenty of Summer Festivals in 2015 for you and your friends to dance, drink, meet people, and get your summer loving on. Here are a few of the best festivals still to go of 2015.

Best Festivals in 2015


When: July 31-August 2

Lolapalooza - Summer Festivals in 2015One of the best Summer Festivals in Chicago, Lollapalooza is a huge one. It’s a perfect festival in a huge city that is fun to check out when you aren’t getting down to the many artists that are performing. Also, being centrally located in the country certainly helps things because that means anybody and everybody can attend. The biggest names typically perform at this festival, so get ready for quite an experience. Middle of the summer means plenty of hot weather, which translates to little clothing. We just thought we’d throw that in there.

Lollapalooza Summer Festival Site

Riot Fest

When: September 11-13

With more of an underground and rock feeling, Riot Fest gets the city of Chicago pumping. Be prepared for some big names such as Weezer or Blink 182, and also get ready to be introduced to some great upcoming acts. Not to mention the party here goes hard. We are talking mosh pits, nonstop smashing beers, and a crowd that isn’t afraid to take their tops off. This festival is the perfect way to kick off fall, so snag your tickets and hit the windy city.

Riot Fest Summer Festival Site


When: September 25-27

TomorrowWorld  - Summer Festivals in 2015Most EDM junkies have heard of and probably dreamed of hitting up TomorrowLand in Europe. Well, they brought their edition down to Atlanta, Georgia and this is one insane party. Set in huge fields, get ready to camp out and not sleep for a few days. The biggest names in EDM regularly attend, including Tiesto, Skrillex, and other up and coming DJs. Pack your bright colors, minimal clothing, and plenty of party favors to keep you rallying the entire time. This festival is all about the love, so everyone is down to have a good time.

TomorrowWorld Summer Festival Site

Austin City Limits

When: October 2-4 and 9-11

This two weekend festival is well known throughout the U.S. Bringing little known artists to the big stage to team up with the stars, get ready for a serious party. This is a perfect time of year in this Texas city, so might as well take advantage of the weather too. Spread throughout the city, you can explore a bit on food after taking in some good music and many beers. A huge array of artists from every genre hit this place up, and don’t be surprised if you look to your left and one of them is dancing right next to you.

Austin City Limits Summer Festival Site

Voodoo Music Experience

When: October 30 – November 1

Okay, so this one isn’t exactly a summer festival, but this is a festival you absolutely need to check out. It has every element you could want. Artists from every genre, a great crowd, perfect weather, Halloween weekend, and the fact that it is New Orleans which is typically known as a great party city certainly doesn’t hurt. Get ready for a heck of a diverse crowd as well, as all walks of life hit this festival up for Halloween.

Voodoo Music Experience Summer Festival Site

Summer Festivals in 2015

Ready to have a great time at one of the remaining summer festivals in 2015?! We sure the heck are. Which summer festival are you planning on attending?