Yes we know, it is barely the fall season. Brisk weather drinking is some of the best times of the entire year. Enjoy it while you can, because before you know it winter will be here. When winter comes, the party scene seems to take a bit of hit. People aren’t as pumped to booze at noon, and the outdoor drinking festivities barely exist. Why suffer through winter, dreaming of partying in the spring and summer? Head to one of these destinations that you might not normally think of as a winter party wonderland.


Dubai is well known for the mammoth resorts and skyscrapers that line the city. What comes along with these buildings are a plethora of enormous clubs and people flocking to these. Dubai has some sunny weather as well, and is a perfect way to experience a different country while raging throughout the winter and getting your tan on. People come here to party hard, and the winter months pack the lavish bars and clubs with people from all over the world looking to have a good time.

Goa, India

Winter partyYou read it right, India. When you think of India, typically “party scene” doesn’t jump to the front of your mind. This is where you are mistaken. Goa has some beautiful beaches that are a perfect destination for winter instead of sitting at home shivering and having nipples harder than stale bread. Goa is also known for having quite the raging EDM scene, and the parties spill right onto the beaches. The beaches of North Goa are where you want to head to party until sunrise and the food here is delicious and is surely going to be different than what you are used to at dining halls.

Koh Phangan, Thailand

Winter party

Thailand is known for having absolutely stunning beaches, and the islands are where everyone heads to party. Koh Phangan in particular is where people from all over the world hurry to every full moon. Why you ask? For the infamous Full Moon Party of course. Every weekend of a full moon, this island comes to life with massive parties 24/7. From paint, to buckets of rum being passed around, the party literally never stops. We are talking thousands upon thousands of people from every country imaginable all here to rage to EDM from some of the best DJs, while hooking up with each other and making memories you will struggle to remember from your blackout state the entire time. Not to mention the weather here is perfect during the winter.

Miami, Florida

Winter partyOkay we admit it, this isn’t exactly an unusual spot to travel during the winter to party, but it couldn’t be left off of this list. Miami is the spot to be in the United States if you want to head somewhere warmer during the winter to rage your face off. Some of the best clubs in the world are here, along with amazing beaches, and some of the most beautiful people those two eyeballs in your head will ever set their sights on. Make sure you experience the food here as well, as you’re going to need some delicious fuel to keep you at the bars until 4am.