Halloween is right around the corner, and just like every other year, it seems to sneak up on you. Every year you come up with the most excellent costume idea to rock at that year’s party, but it always seems you come up with the idea too many months in advance, then forget about it by the time Halloween rolls around. Sure, you can resort to being something boring that nobody will bat an eye at, but why not jump into the fray and have a fun costume that people will talk about. Most of the time, the events that happened throughout the past year are hot items for Halloween costumes. So while you may not exactly be original, seeing how well you can pull it off compared to others in the same costume is the real challenge. We have three costume ideas for this year’s Halloween season to keep in mind, and keep an eye out because you will see plenty of them.

Caitlyn Jenner

Halloween 2015

This one is a no brainer. Everyone seems to know the story of the former Olympian, Bruce Jenner, having transitioned on over to a woman. The story made even more news because of his connection to the Kardashian clan. Well, now that Caitlyn is loud and proud, if you’re going to rock this costume, you better do it justice. There are going to be plenty of Caitlyns out there this year, so find a way to stick out. Maybe wear extra padding under the chest area, or do something different with your hair. If you REALLY want to stand out and catch people’s attention, make sure that the former Bruce’s man-parts are showing. Maybe make massive meatballs and sausage to hang below the dress.

Netflix and Chill

Halloween 2015

The phrase, “Netflix and Chill”, has taken over social media in the last few months. It refers to texting someone to come over and watch Netflix and chill, while alluding to the inevitable act of hooking up. It’s basically a way to call a booty call without calling one just that. There will be plenty of interpretations this year of how to go about dressing up as this meme, so get creative. A popular one will be to wear a red Netflix t-shirt, and hold a bag of ice, or something similar. This causes people to think for a second, but once they get the joke, it’s quite clever and funny. Ice would be a hassle to carry around all night, so maybe use something not actually freezing cold.

Deflated Football

Halloween 2015

Any sports fan, or non-sports fan for that matter is undoubtedly familiar with DeflateGate in the NFL, and Tom Brady of the Patriots. They were accused of deflating footballs, and for some reason the news networks spent an absurd amount of time the last 6 months covering the saga (or lack thereof) to no end. Needless to say, expect to see quite a few sad looking footballs out there on Halloween night, all depressed and deflated. If you wanted to stand out from the crowd while rocking this costume, maybe incorporate the NFL Commish Roger Goodell somehow, or even Tom Brady. There are endless possibilities for this one; if you can make it funny, you will be the hit of any Halloween party.