Sounds kind of dumb, but if you think you’re going to throw an awesome Halloween rager, and at least not have some decorations, you are poorly mistaken. Sure, your house or apartment might have a few dings and dents from the last couple bashes you have thrown, but toss up at least a few items to get in the mood. If you’re worried about people wrecking the decorations, get wreckable stuff such as a Halloween themed piñata. After a few boozy drinks, people will have a ball with a couple of these.

Mandatory Costumes

HalloweenThis is a big one. Every weekend of the year, you can strut into the bars, apartments, dorms, and houses to party with whatever you want to wear that night. Halloween is the one time a year to dress up crazy, so make sure people follow this rule. Plus, the ones that think they are too cool for a costume are actually the ones that end up looking dumb. Don’t let in any half-attempted costumes either. Make people go full out, because this will get the Halloween theme really going. Plus, who doesn’t want to see girls trying to make every day occupational jobs seem sexy?

Jungle Juice

You can just get a keg or two and call it a day, but how is that any different than every other party you throw? Get some red jungle juice flowing, charge 5 bucks a cup, and pay for all of the items that went into this awesome bash. People go nuts for some jungle juice, so make sure you brew up enough for everyone. Starting point, make sure it’s red or green to ensure top spookiness.

Sexiest Costume Contest

HalloweenHost a sexiest costume contest, and make sure that the contest is announced well before the party takes place so that everyone knows it is going down. Make sure that there is an incentive, and a good one at that, and you will thank us. Girls are cut throat with this kind of stuff, and are always looking to outdo each other, especially for the sheer honor of being named sexy. Be smart and use the proceeds from the jungle juice payments as the grand prize. If a couple hundred bucks are involved, girls will go nuts. Oh, make sure you appoint yourself a judge, and again you can thank us.

Halloween Themed Music

There isn’t too much awesome raging Halloween music out there, so we will just leave it at Monster Mash. You must play Monster Mash a minimum of three times, and you can say you hit your Halloween themed music for the night.


It’s Halloween after all, and although you are a bit too old to hit the streets trick or treating, candy is always appreciated. Lay candy out throughout the party, as people get the drunk munchies, and use candy as chasers for shots. You can buy huge bags of individually wrapped candy at the store for dirt cheap, so it won’t break the bank.

Themed Shots

You don’t have to go crazy with these, as you don’t need people blacking out before 9:30pm, but some orange and black Jello shots would be awesome. Make a round for enough people to have one, and pass them out mid party. Once people are buzzing and see jello shots, a switch flips and people are vultures to get their hands on them, and to thank you for being a boss.