Sunless Tanning Spray Results That healthy sun kissed glow is always attractive. A sexy tan not only makes your body appear slimmer but gives a boost to all your natural features. But with all the harmful UV rays from natural and artificial sun, it’s hard to safely tan. Sunless tanning is the answer.

Giesee / SUN Self Tanner is one of the top rated self tanning products on the market. All of their products are infused with natural ingredients to moisturize and protect your skin without clogging your pores. Giesee / SUN is even perfect for sensitive skin types. Whether you have a light complexion or dark complexion, sunless tanning works for every skin type. You don’t have to worry about baking in the sun or constantly reapplying lotion to protect from sunburns. Forget about laying in an uncomfortable tanning bed sweating your butt off. Sunless tanning is effortless and pain free. Their formula is also so potent it’s used at many professional spray tan booths.

Applying this long lasting self tanner can easily be worked into your daily routine. The most popular product in the Giesee / SUN family is the dark tanning mist. This mist works exactly like any other spray on tan. You’ll want to use this product in the shower to avoid making a mess in any other part of the bathroom. Apply the mist at arms length away from the body, evenly spraying up and down. Start from your chest down. Spray your face, hands, and feet last. Let the spray dry and absorb into your skin, (it usually takes about 5 minutes) before putting on clothes. Use a sponge or paper towel to blot any overly wet areas. It’s recommended to spray at night so you can remove any excess color in your morning shower. Don’t worry about your new tan washing off in the shower or rubbing off while you sleep. Giesee / SUN doesn’t just sit on top of your skin. It completely absorbs into your body darkening your skins pigment naturally.

The self tanning product is also available in foam, lotion, and roll on. All of these products naturally absorb into your skin without leaving a sticky residue. Do use gloves when applying these products to your body to avoid staining your nail beds. No, your hands will not turn orange but your nails might obtain an unclear tint for a few days. Once your skin has completely absorbed the tanning product, you’re good to go. Don’t worry about color bleeding onto your clothes or any other products. Giesee / SUN guarantees sweat proof and smudge proof products.

Giesee / SUN is perfect for year round use because it works with your body’s natural chemistry to get your perfect sun kissed glow. It’s not an instant orangey brown tan. Giesee / SUN self tanning products gradually warms your skin tone. Every person will have their own unique tan that lasts all season long. It’s half the price of keeping up with UV tanning or even spray tans at traditional tanning booths. For your best skin, incorporate this life changing product into your daily beauty routine.

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