Betsy Ann Riverboat
5505 Sun Harbor Rd
Panama City, Fl. 32401
(850) 233-7487

Sometimes, you got to just take the time to take it all in – the natural surroundings that is. Take a relaxing cruise along the Florida coast on the Betsy Ann Riverboat. Watch the dolphins play in the water below, the pelicans glide and soar above, just clear your mind and get it ready for the upcoming Spring Break night of pure insanity that awaits.

If you’re in Panama City Beach for Spring Break, that’s exactly what’s happening, pure insanity, and so why not take a quick breather before diving into the party? Aboard the Betsy Ann Riverboat might just be the perfect place for that breather of fresh ocean air. Or, if you’re not feeling any of that, party your freaking ass off aboard the Betsy – guaranteed, they’ll have some surprises up their sleeve for you to enjoy 🙂

betsy ann riverboat panama city beach