You’re looking around the room and you spot a girl looking right at you. What do you do? If you said walk up to her – you might be jumping the gun.  That might not be the best way how to get a girl. Eye contact is just the opening ceremony to the big game. Sure, you can smile to show her that you notice her looking, but don’t go up to her right away. When a girl is checking you out from across the room, some might think it’s a sign that she wants something more, but don’t always believe that.  You can end up acting foolish or saying ridiculous things you wouldn’t normally do or say in front of a girl. So, just keep it cool and never try too hard.

When a girl looks at you from across the room and seems interested, trade a few glances with her. And, when you do make eye contact, smile. After a bit of psychological teasing, make your way towards her.  The important thing is to be confident but not overly confident. Just be sure to never miss your opportunity – you must strike while the iron’s hot! If you wait too long she could lose interest. Another thing, don’t look at other girls while you are caught in the eye contact game with a girl. Give that girl the attention she yearns for. The moral of the story is if you want to know how to get a girl, get up off your ass and make your move!

This article is broken down into different sections with advice on how to get a girl: