It’s a weeknight, you are alone in your room, and bored. Your significant other is out of town, or your booty call is busy, and you have that feeling deep in your plums where you feel sexy, and need to let someone else enjoy every bit of you that you have to offer. In comes the glorious smartphone. This device has skyrocketed to the forefront of the sex community with a fun past-time known as “sexting”. This concept changes the sex game greatly, and can be a fun way to get turned on, live out a fantasy, and feel sexy without the embarrassment of someone looking you in the face in person. With anything though, there are do’s and don’ts of sexting, as you don’t need your mother or your boss knowing what a dirty mind you actually have inside that skull. Follow this guide of sexting and you can get your rocks off without being completely embarrassed.


dad-daughter-sextingTriple check who you are sending it to: Even if you are back and forth texting, most smartphones are touch screen, and screens can slide and stick without noticing. Especially if you are getting hot and heavy, you tend to respond quicker. Make sure you are sending it to the right person. You don’t need your aunt Ethel hearing what you want to do to her.

100_6576Clean up your background: This one is forgotten a lot, because you tend to immerse yourself in the world of hornyness. With smartphones evolving, picture messaging and video chat are becoming more popular with sexting. Who doesn’t want to see that fine piece that you have been telling you want to pin down on the bed? What nobody wants to see though, is a dirty mirror, a toilet seat left up, or tampons in the background. Take a look around and wipe that mirror, cover your throne, and pick up those plugs.

Use smiley faces: Self-esteem is a large portion of sexting, and nobody wants it to get crushed. Send a smiley face or wink face occasionally after a sext to keep the mood sexy. Stick to these as some other faces can be misconstrued, and can kill a mood faster than the guy at the party who loudly announces he doesn’t need to drink to have fun.


Drink while sexting: This one could mess up sexting for everyone. So you got hammered, big whoop. That doesn’t mean you should send a picture of your junk to your lover. When you drink, you become impaired, and “Steph” can easily be be missed with “Steve” when selecting a name from your contacts. Steve is your boss. Steve does not want to see your rod. This makes for awkward coffee Monday morning at work. Stick to being sexy over the phone when sober. Also, your partner might not be in the same mood as you, and you can embarrass yourself by sending something to them you regret.Caught sexting

Take too long to respond: The issue with sexting is it takes time for messages to get sent and delivered, usually 3 to 5 minutes. When getting really into it, and you are turned on, this feels like an eternity as it is. Respond as quickly as possible, because once someone takes 15 to 20 minutes to respond, uncooked spaghetti turns into fully cooked noodles and precipitation dries up faster than a river in the Arizona desert. Not to mention it just gets awkward, and makes the other person think they went too far.

17-i-lolRespond with LOL: This might a bigger buzzkill than a vegetarian at a barbecue. You think you are being sexy, send a hot picture of yourself, or a nice long paragraph about what you want to do, and you get a big fat “LOL” or “haha” as a response. Now you feel like a child, and laughed at. Even if it is funny to you, play into their fantasy, as you could cause them to never engage with you again, plus it kills the thrill. Keep the laughs for later, right now get your game face on, and thumb your way to sexual glory.