Day drinking is a staple of the summer months, and not much beats waking up and pounding beers by noon by a pool, beach, or backyard. The challenge though, is carrying that Saturday day party into the night, and making it out without passing out or being that guy that gets thrown out of the bar by 9pm. Here are 10 steps to successfully transition from that day party vibe to making it out at night in a semi-conscious state.

pool party

1. Dress appropriately

It’s a gorgeous day out, so you want to look great and show off that skin. Also keep in mind that in about 6 hours when you’re obliterated, the last thing you’re going to want to do is change clothes and get ready for the night. Try to keep your outfit in between day and night appropriate. You don’t want to rally through the day and finally make it out at night only to get turned down by the bouncer at the bar because your mustard stained cut off shorts and half ripped t-shirt don’t meet the dress code.

2. Eat a big breakfast

Even if you’re going to be showing off skin, you need food to power through the day so stuff your face. Carb up in the morning and slam some protein, this is going to be a long one. Chances are you will only be having a snack here and there, and maybe a cold hot dog at some point. Breakfast will probably be your last real meal until 3am when you’re too drunk to know what you’re even eating. Plus, it will help soak up some of that cheap booze you are pounding.

3. Have a day-long party buddy with you

Party BuddyIf you are going to do this, you are going to need some help. No man has every survived raging all day then rallying into the night without a partying friend right there alongside them motivating them, cheering them on, and tossing them another beer after they booted for the 3rd time before 3pm. Don’t go at it alone. Not to mention the epic stories you can share the next day with each other through a miserably hung over text session.

4. Charge your phone

There is not much worse than when you are hammered beyond belief, it’s 5pm, and you can’t get in touch with anyone because your phone is dead. Make sure your phone is fully charged, and maybe even recharge it halfway through the day if possible. If you have a dead phone, how else are you going to meet up later with that 4, beer goggles 7, that you met at the day party? Also, when you inevitably get separated from your friends by 9pm, you need a way to contact your lifelines.

5. Hold off on straight liquor

Sure, ripping shots of Fireball is awesome fun, and may seem like the perfect idea to get your day started, but once you start, you won’t want to stop. This spells bad news when 4oclock rolls around and you’re sitting on the couch, not able to move. Stick with a pack of suds, and if you need your hard liquor fix, toss back a Redbull vodka to keep your energy up. Pace yourself, today is the true definition of a marathon and not a sprint, unlike that fake athletic running stuff.

6. Water

Drink WaterNot much needs to be said here, but pound water. After a couple solid hours of putting down drinks, toss in a water here and there. When 6pm rolls around, maybe take a breather from eating drinks, and chug a few bottles of water for an hour. This will help rehydrate you, and give you a bit of energy. You need to make it out tonight, and water is going to become your friend quickly.

8. Only buy booze and greasy food at this point

Now that you have made it through the day without faceplanting in your bed, and chugged some good H2O, now is the time to focus your energy on putting back only alcohol infused drinks, and greasy cheese-filled food. Don’t waste time and money on other stupid purchases, keep your eye on the prize. Now is the time to start getting lubed up with booze again and maybe toss in a cheese-steak so you have something other than vodka in your stomach.

8. Don’t say, ā€œIā€™m not even that drunk.ā€

Drunk GirlYou are obliterated, you just drank for 13 hours, and it’s okay. Typically you will be saying this multiple times at the bar, even though while you say it one eye is looking at the person you are nagging, and the other is drunkenly wandering into the back of your skull. Nobody cares that you are one drink away from using the bar top as your pillow. Plus, think of it as you winning. Your goal was to get as drunk as possible for as long as possible, and you achieved it.

9. Eat pizza

A perfect end of the night hammered food, getting some substance in your stomach will help tremendously in the morning. Cap the beautiful day and night off with a slice of cheese heaven, then head to shelter.

10. Gatorade and Advil on the nightstand

Everyone knows this step, and chugging some electrolytes and swallowing Advil in the morning will help you mentally wash away the sins committed the day before. Also, if you want to make it to the booze filled brunch to start the cycle all over again, you need to be in somewhat ripe shape.