Las Vegas ClubLas Vegas is known for being party central. Debauchery is everywhere, and people literally go to Vegas to do stuff they would never normally do, and be someone they never normally are. There is a reason the phrase ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas”, is so popular and can be heard being uttered throughout your flight to Sin City. When you hit up Las Vegas, you are for sure going to be downing drinks at a few of the many unbelievable nightclubs you have to choose from, and trying to create a story you and your friends will take to the grave. It can be hard to pick out a club to head to each night, because of the variety Vegas offers. New clubs are opening all the time, and there is a new top notch club that is opening in 2015 that has the entire city, and country buzzing.

Omnia NightclubHakkasan Nightclub in the MGM Grand was the talk of the town the last few years, and now the people that brought you that, are preparing to open yet another banger. You will get your mind blown once Omnia opens in Caesar’s Palace. Currently known as Pure, Hakkasan Group has been operating for the past year, has big plans for the new year. The 75,000 square foot space is going to be transformed into the smash hit club in Vegas. Omnia is going to be an extremely performance-focused club, as Vegas has turned that way in recent years. Pure used to be a celebrity hotspot, but now that EDM music has taken over, this new club is going to offer something special.

Omnia NightclubWith Hakkasan Nightclub in the MGM Grand, the highest paid DJ in the world was a resident DJ there. Calvin Harris puts out smash hit after smash hit, and people flock to see him. The biggest news about this new club Omnia opening, Calvin Harris will be switching his residency from Hakkasan to Omnia! He is set to rip up this multi-level venue, with a rooftop garden, mezzanine, and sleek lounge. This place is going to have the lines you are used to in Vegas, the difference is you won’t find much better. Omnia in Caesar’s Palace will be THE place to be, no matter if you are in Vegas for business, a weekend away, or on Spring Break 2015. Get ready, prepare your liver, and rage hard.