Spring is one of the best times of the year in college. The warmer weather, girls wearing less clothes, and day drinking everywhere. As a senior that is graduating in a month, this time of year is still fun, but with every day that ticks by, you get a bit more depressed with the unavoidable truth: you will soon no longer be in college. There are ways to combat these depressing thoughts, and to make the most out of your remaining time on campus:

Plan a big summer trip

How To Deal With Graduating High SchoolEven if you’re graduating, it still means you have one last summer vacation. Don’t be the fool that takes a job that starts 4 days after graduation. You have the rest of your life to spend working, and summers spent in a cube. Take this last summer break to enjoy it to the max. Plan a big summer trip so it gives you something to look forward to after graduation, instead of being depressed. Spend a month in Thailand, go to Europe, or rent a beach house with friends.

Make a bucket list

How To Deal With Graduating CollegeUndoubtedly there are quite a few things throughout the years you said you would do before you graduated, that you haven’t done. Whether it is having sex in the bell tower, hitting up all the pizza places in one night, or throwing the biggest party on campus, now is the time to do it all. Some things just aren’t acceptable in society after you graduate, so make a list of things to do before graduation. This will make every day an adventure and something to look forward to. Also, you will get the most out of your last month.

Have a plan for fall

Not having a clue where you are going to be living, working, or in general doing with your life is common for many people about to graduate. This is part of the reason it makes graduating so depressing. For four years you haven’t needed to worry about a thing, now all of a sudden you have zero clue where to go. Having a plan for what comes next helps you get excited for the future and something to look ahead to. Getting a jump start on this will ease the pain once fall rolls around and you aren’t heading back to campus to get blackout with freshmen.

Make the most out of every night

How To Deal With GraduatingIt’s Wednesday night and you have a 9am exam the next morning? Who cares? Chances are you already know if you are graduating or not, so bombing that exam isn’t a huge deal. You will regret it in two years if your last days in college were spent studying and worrying. Go out and smash beers with friends you might not see for a while. Convince that girl you have been eye banging since sophomore year to have a midweek slumber party with you. Everything is worth a shot, because you probably won’t live this lifestyle any more. Treat every day like a Saturday for the next month, and you will have the best month of your life.

Do everything one more time

You did things throughout your years in college that were some of the greatest achievements known to man. Maybe you funneled a beer in under 2 seconds, ate every kind of cereal at the dining hall in one sitting, or slept in the laundry room of the freshmen dorm. Whatever it was, you have one month to relive all of the glory moments of your college career. Hit everything one more time, reminisce with friends, and just make the most out of this last month so you can look back and know you had every reason to say your four (or five) years in college were the best.