Double check on packing

Even if you’re a last minute packer, you are going to want to double check what you brought. Not much will ruin your week more than getting to your Spring Break spot and realizing you forgot a bathing suit, or flip flops, and have to spend an absurd amount of cash at the local store. Ask friends what they are bringing, and make sure you are all in the same loop. Only one of you needs to bring speakers, etc. Overpacking or underpacking will be a massive pain, especially when it’s time to pack up to head home. You can never be too sure about what you’re bringing, so double check, and maybe even triple check .

Get ahead on assignments

We know the last possible thing you want to do right now is think about school work, but trust us it will be worth it. It will kill time before you have to leave, and getting ahead is never a bad thing. Plus, that entire first week you get back, your body is going to be so destroyed from the binge, that doing schoolwork will feel like an impossible task. You basically need a week to recover and catch up on sleep, and you don’t want to fall behind on work. On top of all of this, there are those really awesome professors that will actually assign homework during Spring Break, or an exam the day you get back. Get ahead of the curve by getting things done now.

Take out cash

No, this isn’t for the actual Spring Break trip. You should have already set aside and paid for what you need for Spring Break 2016. We are talking about some emergency funds for when you get back from break. You are most likely going to spend way too much throughout your week of fun in the sun, and tap into that bank account from your destination. Taking out some dough now helps eliminate the possibility of coming back with absolutely no money left. This way, no matter what happens you will have some cash to get you through the first couple weeks back from Spring Break. If you don’t do this, trust us, you will spend every single dollar you have on Spring Break and end up eating couch cushions for dinner when you get back.

Hit the gym

Sure, one week of working out isn’t going to turn you into a Greek god, but it can certainly help get some of that extra water weight down, so you can look your best. If you have a week to go, double up on the cardio and try to eat somewhat healthy. You’ll lean out a bit, so that beach body will be in full force. Not only that, but it will give you some extra energy, and get you more motivated for the best week of your life. Yes, you should have been hitting the gym months prior to Spring Break 2016, but you didn’t, so time to make the best of the situation. This will also help kill a couple hours every day so you’re not just sitting there thinking about how hammered you are going to be on a beach soon enough.