With over 200,000 Spring Breakers heading to Panama City Beach every Spring for a week of fun in the sun, you would be out of your mind to not consider heading there for Spring Break. It is the Spring Break capital of the world, and it is easy to see why.

Outdoor Parties

Panama City Spring BreakThe outdoor parties are off the wall, with probably the most people you will every see raging on a beach in your life. In March the water temperature is perfect for cooling off from the heat on the beautiful beaches, and if a top happens to come off, so be it. Spring Break here is also cheaper than most locations, because you are staying in the U.S., and hotels don’t find the need to drive up the prices because they have no issues filling them.


If you want to get away from some of the craziness, remember that you easily can. Between renting a jet ski, hitting up the shops, or relaxing in a pool, there is literally everything you could want in Panama City Beach. We understand that by the fourth day of raging, you might need a day to melt into the sand and take a breather, and that is perfectly fine. You are going to need that energy for the wet t-shirt contest that night at the club.

Endless Entertainment

Panama City Spring Break HottiesPrepare yourself for absolutely packed beaches, countless celebrities and camera crews patrolling the beach all week, and some of the hottest people you will encounter. There is a reason people from all over the country choose PCB as their Spring Break spot, and you will find out within the first day why. The clubs are off the wall, with too many to options to list. Pretty much, if you want to spend a week on a beach, hammered, with literally hundreds of thousands of hot people just like yourself, dancing all day and night, then head to PCB for Spring Break.