The beginning of the school year is always filled with big parties, people meeting each other after what seemed like a much too long summer break, and tan bodies. This is fun and all, but the initial excitement fades as quickly as those beach tans do, and everyone is left searching for something to look forward to. This is where Spring Break comes in. Sure, it is only September, but you know you are already excited about getting tan on a beach for a week without having to pretend you care about class, all while getting awesomely sloshed. If you are like most people. you want Spring Break in your face so bad, but have no drive to go ahead and book it right now. Let’s face it, there are priorities like tailgating and hammering dollar drinks on Thursday night. Although you may not want to, there are benefits to booking your Spring Break early. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons.

Pros of Booking Spring Break Early:

  • Luke-Bryan-Spring-Break-CountryMusicIsLove1Cheaper. With most tickets or vacations, usually the earlier you book something, the cheaper it will be. If you wait too long to book a trip, you could end up wasting the rest of your semester’s beer money on a trip that could have been half as expensive had you booked it on time.
  • Get it out of the way. This is a big one. People procrastinate, this is a fact. Having an exam looming over you and you keep putting off studying gives the same feeling as waiting to book the best week of your life. Once you get it out of the way, you don’t have to worry about saving a ton of dough, or that a trip might fill up. The weight is off your shoulders, to make room for all that weight you will be throwing up in the gym preparing the pipes for the ladies on the beaches.
  • Convincing friends. Booking early leaves you plenty of time to convince those friends that are lazier than the fat girl that complains her jeans must have shrunk in the dorm dryer to get on the same trip as you. Someone has to step up and make a decision to book early, let that be you. This way you can focus on the amount of hours you plan on being awake throughout the week.

Cons of Booking Spring Break Early:

  • Spring-Break-Miami-Beach-FL-a23027816Friends change minds. On the flip side, booking early means that if your friends don’t book at the same time as you, and you are terrible at convincing, they may change their minds. Whether they choose a different location, or to not go at all, you might not be able to get your deposit back and nobody wants to be the Stephen Glansberg of Spring Break. But let’s be honest, if you can’t convince your friends to have the time of their lives drinking in excess for a week, on a beach, hooking up with randoms from every other school, than you should probably be staying home yourself.
  • Could get cheaper. Although generally booking early allows you get the cheapest package possible, occasionally waiting till the last minute can have unbelievable deals. This is a risky move however, because if that hot deal doesn’t come through, you are left spending Spring Break sitting in your parent’s living room eating mom’s baked macaroni and listening to dad’s stories about cleaning the gutters on the roof. Just book.
  • Situations in the location arise. Every country and cities go through problems, and the one you choose is just as susceptible. Sure, a beach party sounds great now, but if a hurricane or drug war erupts in 4 months, there isn’t much you can do. Although this sounds risky, these events can happen at any time, to any location. And let’s be serious, it wouldn’t stop you from raging your face off for the time of your life anyways. In the end, just book your Spring Break, and brag about it all over social media for the next 6 months!