Get Her To Warm Up To YouSkiing/Snowboarding

Inviting a date for a day at the slopes is a great way to get someone into you. Think about it, between the ride to the mountain, the entire day tearing it up, and the many beer breaks at the bar throughout the day, she will really get to know you, which she will appreciate. Not all girls want to jump in all physical right away, so showing that personality of yours throughout a long day is perfect. Just make sure you don’t throttle too many beers and get so plastered you wreck your chances. Not to mention after a long day hitting the mountain and drinking, if you played your cards right, there’s a good chance she might want to just snag a hotel room because you guys are beat. If that’s the case, make sure you get a hotel with a hot tub, you know, to relax the “muscles”. Even if she doesn’t want to spend the night, a 12 hour day with her will tell her enough if she wants to see you again. If a girl is willing to do adventurous stuff with you like this, then she will most likely give you another shot anyways.

Snug City

The cold winter weather makes most people just want to curl up into a ball and snug and cuddle the day and night away. Well, this is your opportunity to get her body close to yours. Now, we aren’t saying within 5 minutes of her coming over you should be on top of her. But invite her over to watch some TV, make it a sweats date. Everyone knows if she is willing to come over in sweats, then she is already cool, and most likely wanting to strip it down at some point and sweats are easy to tear off. Fire up a movie, make sure your blanket smells good, light a candle or some incense, and relax on the couch. Soon enough she will be in that nook under your arm, and it’s a perfect time to steal a kiss. Don’t try anything too fast or too far with her, as you don’t want her to think that is all you want. Even if that IS all you want, hold off for a bit, it may only make her want more.cuddle date

Cooking Dinner

You want to make a girl’s jaw fall to the floor? Cook her a nice warm dinner on a cold winter night. Girl’s love to eat. This is a fact. Girls love guys that can cook. This is another fact. Put the two together, and there is going to be sparks flying. Whip up something easy so you don’t over think and ruin it. Also, make sure it is at least slightly healthy, because no girl is going to want to rip her clothes off in front of you after pounding a bread bowl and pizza. Time it so it is just about done when she arrives, but leave a task or two left over, so she can be included and help while you two chat. Have the table already set, and wine available. Girls love wine. Another fact. Her pupils will be so damn dilated in love, you’ll know it’s a sure thing. Also, if she whips out her phone to take a picture of the food for Instagram, then you’re golden. No girls share what they are doing with a guy unless they are smitten.