Tips on How to get Spring Break Girl

Tips on How to get Spring Break Girls

In the end, if you want to get a girl during Spring Break, you have to remove all fear without creating a cocky, arrogant and annoying you – girls like confidence not cockiness.  It’s a tricky maneuver. Being yourself can be hard to do but there is no hiding who you are because it will come out sooner or later. So, why waste your time pretending to be someone else? Being your best is not pretending to be someone else and in fact, when you are at your best, you are who you truly are.  Now, there are some things you can do to increase your chances of getting girls. Here’s a few you don’t want to forget.

    Don’t buy a girl a drink at the very beginning. If you’re not Mr. Suave, don’t buy a drink for a girl at the jump. What the girl can do is if she doesn’t like you is just walk away with the drink and there’s $10.00 wasted. First, you need to start a conversation with her. The best time to buy a drink for a girl is after you make her laugh and ultimately your goal is to make girls laugh. So, it’s a good idea to make that the prime goal, make Spring Break girls laugh and you’ve got your foot in the door.
    What a girl wants from a man is someone who listens and says things that are interesting. Sometimes, this may be hard to pull off without appearing desperate. Obviously, you don’t want girls knowing that you just want to hit it even though the booty may be all you really want. Sure, some girls just want the booty too and will make it crystal clear that’s all they want, but these girls are diamonds in the rough. For the rest of them, just play the game – converse with them, make them laugh and listen – you know, the game. That way, you increase your chances of finding Spring Break girls by not putting it out there that – me so horny.
    MAKING HER FEEL SPECIALHere’s a great thing to do. If you’re talking to one of the many fine Spring Break girls and your friends show up, introduce her. Then repeat something funny or interesting she might have said to show her that you were listening. If your friends start clowning or poking fun at whatever it is she said, it’s a perfect time to defend her.

Sometimes, a girl can actually feel whether you like her or not.  But it’s how you act, behave and show you care that makes the first impression. With so many girls out there, especially during Spring Break, there are plenty who are ready to like you for who you are. So, remember – stick to the protocol: don’t buy the girl a drink at first, be a gentleman, make her laugh, give her the attention she craves and chances are, you’ll score.

This article is broken down into different sections with some advice on how to get a girl: